Console.log vs printing out variable

Console.log vs printing out variable

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How come when I use console.log to print out a value in the console window for a string it is not in quotes, but when I just output the variable in the console, it prints quotes. Is there any particular reason for this?

var test = "hello"; 
Output : "hello"

Output: hello

Well , see like this.

var test = "hello"; 
test;  // This is object in self and what is it,
       // it is a string in literal 

// Output comes only from debugger , when you input direct.
// test; this line have no output to the console
// Output : "hello" NO

//console.log(test); // console.log already print string (in native/string is output) but also print objects.
// Output: hello YES

console.log( test + " this is the test")

// See output it is a very clear 
// hello this is the test

print vs. console.log, The console.log() is a function in JavaScript which is used to print any kind of variables defined before in it or to just print any message that needs to be  The console.log() is a function in JavaScript which is used to print any kind of variables defined before in it or to just print any message that needs to be displayed to the user. Syntax: console.log(A); Parameters: It accepts a parameter which can be an array, an object or any message. Return value: It returns the value of the parameter given.

The default behavior is for strings to be represented along with quotes in the console.

a = 'hi';
// returns "hi"

The console api is different and an exception.

console.log(object [, object, ...]) Displays a message in the console. Pass one or more objects to this method. Each object is evaluated and concatenated into a space-delimited string.

So it returns a space-delimited, concatenated string. Which means it will always be a string. Since its always a string, we can do away with the quotes. I suppose the console devs let it be that way to make the point that console.log() will always return the same type (string). Adding quotes might imply the possibility that it could return other things, so it seems to be a UX thing for the console.

console.log vs. return : learnjavascript, Logging a string or a lot of JavaScript objects is the very basic use case. Only console.log(variable) one after the other is the most intuitive  • I'm printing out a variable which takes in the width of a div element var element_width = $ ( '.some_class' ). width (); console . log ( 'This is the width value: ' + element_width ); • When I resize the screen, the width of the div element changes and I want that change/update to the value to be printed out in the console.

Javascript is dynamically typed which means a variable can store any type of value at any time. If you call a variable storing a string (which is test in your case) it prints out the value "Hello" indicating its a string and returns a string datatype, which is preety straightforward. But numbers can also be strings like var a = "5". On the other hand console.log() simply prints the value inside the variable and by default returns undefined.

var a = "hello";
// To check the return type of variable a which is string

// To check the return type of console.log() which is undefined


Will console.log reduce JavaScript execution performance?, Indeed, as a general rule, console.log() is painful and prone to errors as you display/watch any JS variable inline while debugging (function  Definition and Usage. The console.log() method writes a message to the console. The console is useful for testing purposes. Tip: When testing this method, be sure to have the console view visible (press F12 to view the console).

Node.js console.log performance, log to print data so that it is easy to debug when issue occurs and also helps on understand the data flow. The common way of printing a variable  If your variable contains a string (a sequence of text containing letters, numbers and punctuation), printing that is the same as shown above. You just pass the variable name to the document.write method to print a variable's value. The following shows an example of printing both a numerical and string values of variables.

Should I be removing console.log from production code?, When logging many variables, sometimes it's difficult to understand what variable corresponds to a log in the console. the logged value and variable, wrap the variable into a pair of curly braces { b } :. How can I add the companyName without creating the second console.log like console.log(john.companyName); Is there any way to write side by side - "Verma, abihi" ? Andres_Vaquero 2017-05-30 06:02

JavaScript, If my mouse clicks start printing documents down the hall, then it's time to break out The console.log method, and its friends console.warn and desired column names as the second parameter when calling console.table . If you put the console.log inside the click function when you click the function you'll see the returned value of the variable. Outside the function this variable is not defined. Posting to the forum is only allowed for members with active accounts.