Google Maps Android API: Authorization failure. Ensure that the "Google Maps Android API v2" is enabled. Ensure that the following Android Key exists

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I am getting this error:

E/Google Maps Android API: Authorization failure.  Please see for how to correctly set up the map.
E/Google Maps Android API: In the Google Developer Console (
Ensure that the "Google Maps Android API v2" is enabled.
Ensure that the following Android Key exists:
    API Key: [The key...]
    Android Application (<cert_fingerprint>;<package_name>):

Instead of the map working correctly, this is what I see:

In my app/build.gradle, I have this:

implementation ''
implementation ''
implementation ''
implementation ''
implementation ''
implementation ''

play-services-location is what I need for the Google Maps, correct? I was looking at the list at and I assume that Google Location and Activity Recognition - is what I need for Google Maps. Is this correct?

UPDATE 1: I already have Maps SDK for Android enabled:

The error says: Ensure that the "Google Maps Android API v2" is enabled.. Is it referring to the Maps SDK for Android that I am showing in the screenshot in this UPDATE 1?

UPDATE 2: I have Maps SDK for Android enabled:

When I click the MANAGE button, I can go to the section to configure credentials that I showed in UPDATE 1.

UPDATE 3: I see the Map displayed correctly on all versions of Android on the Emulator. But on physical devices, the map never shows up. I see the Google logo and the red balloon, but now the map when I run the app on physical phones. Only on the Emulator everything works. Any ideas why?

UPDATE 4: See my solution at

Hey I had the same problem today!,I solved it very easy for first you have to go and enable the android SDK maps and then create the api key, return in xamarin go to your manifest and add the google maps api key

This is the documentation (I typed this fast because am on mobile now sorry)

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follow to below link for generate google api key:-

Android Code Reference Link:-

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I got the exact same symptoms when I moved the project to a new computer. My solution was to generate a new key based on the error message. The google_maps_api.xml file had an URL in a comment to generate key but that is a static thing, so after moving the project to a new computer I rewrote the URL to match the error message's version.[put-the-thing-here]

Generated the key, put it in the XML file and it worked well.

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I followed this tutorial and I was able to fix it: The video makes references to this tutorial:

In my case, what I did was to create a new project at I used Android apps for Application restrictions:

For the Restrict usage to your Android apps section, I had to provide a Package name and a SHA-1 certificate fingerprint. The Package name was in my app/build.gradle, specifically here:

applicationId "[my package name]"

The SHA-1 certificate fingerprint I found it from Android Studio by running signingReport:

The result included something like this:

Alias: AndroidDebugKey
MD5: [The value]
SHA1: [The value]
SHA-256: [The value]
Valid until: Wednesday, May 5, 2049

1 actionable task: 1 executed
16:31:44: Task execution finished 'signingReport'.

Now the map works correctly in my Android app:

UPDATE 1: To my surprise, the maps were working correctly only on the Android Studio Emulator but not on real Android physical devices. The solution was what I posted at

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For those who still haven't figured it out yet, again take a look at the logging below the error message. Pay close attention to your certifcate_fingerprint and package_name printed out in the logging. Compare these diligently with the ones specified in your Google Development Console.

I picked up an old hobby project again after almost an entire year of inactivity. I probably changed something somewhere that triggered a change of the certificate fingerprint, or visa versa.

Hope this helps!

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