Is there an alternative to Combine's @Published that signals a value change after it has taken place instead of before?

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I would like to use Combine's @Published attribute to respond to changes in a property, but it seems that it signals before the change to the property has taken place, like a willSet observer. The following code:

import Combine

class A {
    @Published var foo = false

let a = A()
let fooSink = a.$foo.dropFirst().sink { _ in // `dropFirst()` is to ignore the initial value
    print("foo is now \(")
} = true


foo is now false

I'd like the sink to run after the property has changed like a didSet observer so that foo would be true at that point. Is there an alternative publisher that signals then, or a way of making @Published work like that?

You can write your own custom property wrapper:

import Combine

class DidSet<Value> {
    private var val: Value
    private let subject: CurrentValueSubject<Value, Never>

    init(wrappedValue value: Value) {
        val = value
        subject = CurrentValueSubject(value)
        wrappedValue = value

    var wrappedValue: Value {
        set {
            val = newValue
        get { val }

    public var projectedValue: CurrentValueSubject<Value, Never> {
      get { subject }

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Before the introduction of ObservableObject SwiftUI used to work the way that you specify - it would notify you after the change has been made. The change to willChange was made intentionally and is probably caused by some optimizations, so using ObservableObjsect with @Published will always notify you before the changed by design. Of course you could decide not to use the @Published property wrapper and implement the notifications yourself in a didChange callback and send them via objectWillChange property, but this would be against the convention and might cause issues with updating views. ( and it's done automatically when used with @Published. If you need the sink for something else than ui updates, then I would implement another publisher and not go agains the ObservableObject convention.

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Further to Eluss's good explanation, I'll add some code that works. You need to create your own PassthroughSubject to make a publisher, and use the property observer didSet to send changes after the change has taken place.

import Combine

class A {
    public var fooDidChange = PassthroughSubject<Void, Never>()

    var foo = false { didSet { fooDidChange.send() } }

let a = A()
let fooSink = a.fooDidChange.sink { _ in
    print("foo is now \(")
} = true

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