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newbie here, I can't seem to load my html file on any browser, pls help?

I followed the instructions from Head First Javascript Programming from O'Reilly and am trying to open my file 'behavior.html' on my browser. Isn't working on Chrome, Safari or Firefox. I've tried changing the <!doctype html> with just <html>but the result is the same. What is supposed to happen does not happen. Here is an image of what comes up: browser.

The code is

<!doctype html>
<html lang="en">


        <meta charset="utf-8">

        <title>Just a Generic Page hola</title>


            setTimeout(wakeUpUser, 5000);

            function wakeUpUser() {

                alert("Are you going to stare at this page forever??????????");





        <h1>This is called a heading</h1>

        <p>Not all too much to read here. I’m a paragraph from a JS book and Tony’s mind.</p>



replace " with ", and remove that ``` at the beginning avoid to copy paste formatted source code, you should write it or paste without format.

How to preview my HTML file in another computer without internet , The HTML syntax in the file is incorrect. The most recent version of the file hasn't been saved. The browser requires a refresh (the browser must be refreshed each time you update the HTML to parse the new changes). In windows, try right clicking on your.html file and choosing "open with" and then click on chrome. You can also check a box to always open files of that type in Chrome. In OSX you can right click on the file choose "get info" and then scroll down and check which program it should be opening in.

While there are lots of problems with that HTML, the core issue is that the browser doesn't think it is HTML.

Since you are loading it from a file path (and not an HTTP(S) URL) this will be because you gave it a file extension that is not .html (although whatever you did use is cut-off in the screenshot). Possibly you have behaviour.html.txt or similar.

Rename the file.

You should probably also change your editor (e.g. to Visual Studio Code). Whatever you are using is probably responsible for your use of " and " where you need " and the wrong file extension.

Why isn't my local index.HTML file loading in my browser?, replace “ with " , and remove that ``` at the beginning avoid to copy paste formatted source code, you should write it or paste without format. Then I launched my Firefox browser and opened that firstpage html file there. The browser displayed my entire html code – not just the expected text: “Welcome to my first web page.” When I went to VIEW and clicked on Page Source, I got the browser page code with my code (above) included, but there was strange code in front of each of my

Is it possible that you need to write <!DOCTYPE html> in capitals?

HTML file is not loading in browser, I tried to copy and paste the code but it's not displaying the same. My <!​DOCTYPE html> is present and my opening and closing html is there. Open the chrcps.htm file (right click on the file in Windows Explorer and select Open With>Notepad).. If that file is NOT empty, then post back with its source markup for us to examine (open on our own machines/IE to examine the source markup)..

Solved: I created an html file and it will open in my browser but is not , Ive added my files to www and everything is working fine, but it loads the files with bullets beside them and, are not loading into the full webpage! a web page in your browser window the reality is that only one file is being  My best guess would be that you are trying to use the css file with a realtive path, which changes when you don't host it temporarily as eclipse IDE does. First, open the developer toolbar (f12) & check the network tab to see if the css file is being loaded at all. Try using an absolute path instead & see if it changes anything.

HELP! HTML is not loading on my webpage! Please help ASAP , html), and choose Open With -> Choose Program from the pop-up menu, then in the dialog box that appears select your browser, tick the option "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" at the bottom of the Window, then click OK. One of them is totally different, that it affects only a few websites so that some websites not opening in any browser. A website not opening issue is really annoying especially when all other sites are working fine. And only some “website not loading” or not opening in any browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. This may happen on

HTML log files do not open with default browser : 2BrightSparks , Files with the HTML (or HTM) extension only contain text and If you're already running your browser, you can open an HTML file in Learning little tricks and understanding HTML better can give you more freedom when working with both code Windows 7 Screensaver and Power Options Not Working? When i load the html file into the browser i simply get the html content. It's not applying the css file. I've tried downloading and saving to different locations, creating a CSS folder, saving the style.css file to that, and updating the href link in the html to css/style.css but nothing seems to work.