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I want to find out who created a branch.

I am sort of able to do so with:

git branch -a | xargs -L 1 bash -c 'echo "$1 `git log --pretty=format:"%H %an" $1^..$1`"' _

However, this returns the last committer per branch, not necessarily the person who created the branch.

A branch is nothing but a commit pointer. As such, it doesn't track metadata like "who created me." See for yourself. Try cat .git/refs/heads/<branch> in your repository.

That written, if you're really into tracking this information in your repository, check out branch descriptions. They allow you to attach arbitrary metadata to branches, locally at least.

Also DarVar's answer below is a very clever way to get at this information.

Find out git branch creator · GitHub, Find out git branch creator. git for-each-ref --format='%(color:cyan)%(authordate:​format:%m/%d/%Y %I:%M %p) %(align:25  StefanoAgazzi / Find out git branch creator. Created Sep 27, 2016. Star 13 Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address.

List remote Git branches by author sorted by committer date:

git for-each-ref --format='%(committerdate) %09 %(authorname) %09 %(refname)' --sort=committerdate

Finding git branch authors, I couldn't find any easy way of finding the commit ID where the branch was created, so that option was out. Then I had a "poor man's House"  Now, let’s say you want to create a new Git branch (let’s call it new-features) for trying out your awesome ideas. To do that, run the following command: $ git branch new-features A new branch new-features should be created from the HEAD (last commit) of the master branch.

I tweaked the previous answers by using the --sort flag and added some color/formatting:

git for-each-ref --format='%(color:cyan)%(authordate:format:%m/%d/%Y %I:%M %p)    %(align:25,left)%(color:yellow)%(authorname)%(end) %(color:reset)%(refname:strip=3)' --sort=authordate refs/remotes

Finding authors of all remote branches in a git repository., Git is a widely adopted Version Control System known for its branching support. Recently I was required to find out all the remote branches with their author. the author of the branch (I means it's not the creator of the branch). There are a few ways you can create new branches in Git, with many of them differing in how your branch is created from the main branch, whether it be from your current branch, a different branch, a tag, etc. The most common way to create a new branch is the following: $ git checkout -b <branch-name>

git for-each-ref --format='%(authorname) %09 -%(refname)' | sort

Solved: How to retrieve branch creation date, Solved: Created a branch some time ago, and I would like to know how to .com​/questions/2255416/how-to-determine-when-a-git-branch-was-created as it  For this reason, git branch is tightly integrated with the git checkout and git merge commands. Common Options git branch. List all of the branches in your repository. This is synonymous with git branch --list. git branch <branch> Create a new branch called <branch>. This does not check out the new branch. git branch -d <branch> Delete the

Adding to DarVar's answer:

git for-each-ref --format='%(committerdate) %09 %(authorname) %09 %(refname)' | sort -k5n -k2M -k3n -k4n | awk '{print $7 $8}'

P.S.: We used AWK to pretty print the author and the remote branch.

Git: Listing branches with their latest author, I want to find out who created a branch. I am sort of able to do so with: git branch -​a | xargs -L 1 bash -c 'echo "$1 `git log --pretty=format:"%H  To create a new branch and switch to it at the same time, you can run the git checkout command with the -b switch: $ git checkout -b iss53 Switched to a new branch "iss53" This is shorthand for:

Find out git branch creator, Run this command to list the authors of the most recent commit of each branch: Copy. git for-each-ref --format='%(committerdate) %09 %(authorname) %09 Sometimes you may need to figure out what branches exist on a remote repository  The example of showing branches in Git. For our example, I have created a few branches in local as well as remote repositories. Learn how to create local/remote repos/branches. The following commands are used for creating the local branches: $ git branch br-tst1 $ git branch bt-tst2 $ git branch br-tst3. This is followed by creating remote

Branch Management, I want to find out who created a branch. I am sort-of able to do so with: git branch -​a | xargs -L 1 bash -c 'echo. Solved: Created a branch some time ago, and I would like to know how to retrieve exact time and date branch was created.

find out who created a branch on a remote git repository, This means that if you commit at this point, the master branch will be moved forward with your new work. To see the last commit on each branch, you can run git  So I whipped up a little script that gets all of the branches in the git repo and lists the details of their first commit. These details include the date, and creator – which is what I needed. (Bash script)

  • You can't get a branch author / creator in git. What you are doing here is get the author of the branch's tip. It will change as soon as someone pushes a new commit there.
  • Disclaimer : The implicit assumption in this question/answer is "in a workflow with only one person per branch". In other workflows where at least two coworkers share a branch, this information (branch creator) is not obtainable through git, and the answers above could lead someone into false assumptions.
  • For me this was in .git/refs/heads/<branch> "ref" was plural
  • DarVar's answer, while probably useful to some, is not an accurate answer. It is simply a more succinct way of doing what the author of the original question was already doing (namely getting the name of the last commiter to a branch).
  • It's the last person to commit to that branch. Since a branch is just a pointer to a commit.
  • Should this work on Windows? I got "Input file specified two times."
  • With tabular formatting: git for-each-ref --format='%(committerdate)%09%(authorname)%09%(refname)' | sort -k5n -k2M -k3n -k4n | grep remotes | awk -F "\t" '{ printf "%-32s %-27s %s\n", $1, $2, $3 }' (got idea from - may need to adjust numbers in the awk printf depending on max datetime/author name lengths)
  • In case there has not been any commit on the branch and if it has been created from master, the "author of the branch" is completely unrelated to that branch but just the last committer on master. If you pull in changes from master and it's a fast-forward, it is again the last committer on master, who possibly never worked on that branch.
  • While this answer and command is potentially useful, I feel it's a misleading answer to the question. This lists author names on all branches who are the last commiter on a branch. There are a number of circumstances under which that wouldn't actually be the creator of the branch. The real answer is that git simply does not store this information.
  • perfect for blaming in colors
  • that only works if the author name is a single word. If it is first and last names separated, then you'll see the last name instead of the branch name...