What does this warning message mean? 'img elements must have an alt prop, either with meaningful text, or an empty string for decorative images'

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Why am I getting this warning?

warning: img elements must have an alt prop, either with meaningful text, or an empty string for decorative images jsx-a11y/img-has-alt

It's showing line number 13 but there is nothing props is using.

Images should have an alt property. The alternate property comes into picture in several cases like the card not getting downloaded, incompatible browsers, or the image getting corrupt. You need to pass in a prop called alt to the image.

Also, Alt tag is used by screen readers for visually impaired. Therefore it is considered as a good practice to always add a ALT tag to the image component. Accessibility

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It means when you create an image in your HTML, you should include an alt attribute for the benefit of screen readers and text browsers.

<img src="url" alt="description of image">

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It means that your <img> tag MUST have an alt attribute on it like so:

<img src="pathToYourImage.extension" alt="My Awesome Image">

In case if the image isn't loaded then the text inside the alt attribute will be shown instead.

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I had a similar error with this code.

    <img src={props.contacts.imgUrl}/>

Solution: Notice the alt= position on the image anchor outside the curved parenthesis

    <img src={props.contacts.imgUrl} alt=""/>

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It means that your image need a description and this is a property in the img tag called alt so use this as long as you write in JSX & React :

<img src={ImageImported} alt="description of image"/>

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  • define the alt='some value' with img, check the meaning of that: w3schools.com/tags/att_img_alt.asp
  • alt prop means alt property.
  • it means it needs an alt prop, like <img src="..." alt="...">
  • html.com/attributes/img-alt
  • It is worth noting that screenreaders will likely announce that the object is an image. Including phrases like "picture of..." or "image of..." in the alt attribute may lead to cases of the screenreader saying confusing things like "image of image of".
  • Just to add more information, if you add description in alt attribute with following keywords "image, photo or picture" react gives following warning - "Redundant alt attribute. Screen-readers already announce img tags as an image. You don’t need to use the words image, photo, or picture (or any specified custom words) in the alt prop jsx-a11y/img-redundant-alt" React version - 16.8.3
  • something like that would not show the warning <img src="url" alt="for sell">
  • @Hunter I don't understand your comment. How is that different from what I say in my answer?
  • @Barmar because react will throw a warning sign if you include the word "image" in alt
  • @Hunter I didn't realize you were responding to the other comment.
  • yes, I also make the alt attribute value empty and the warning goes off.