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I'm trying to set the navigation bar to translucent on android. Take a look at the image for example:

I tried using react-native-navigation-bar-color but it only allows me to hide nav bar / show nav bar / change the color of nav bar. So using this navigation bar library, I attempted to set changeNavigationBarColor('transparent'); but it made my app crash.

I've also tried setting android:fitsSystemWindows="true" in AndroidManifest.xml which I brought from here, but unfortunately nothing changed.

So I took a look into the module and what it's doing and found that it's just using the native android Color library to parse the string. (Docs for it can be found here:

I was able to get the nav bar transparency using the #AARRGGBB pattern specified in the docs. 3 or 4 letter Hex strings are not supported, and rgb strings are not supported. Some color names are listed as supported but transparent is not one of them.

Unfortunately, even though I was able to set the nav bar to be fully transparent, I wasn't able to get the app to actually draw anything behind it, so fully transparent actually just ends up being white, and anything in between is a transparency relative to that white background.

Play nicely with translucent StatusBar on Android · Issue #12 · react , In Expo we use a translucent StatusBar by default on Android, and some normal React Native projects may do this as well This makes the statusBar (and bottom navigation bar (soft keys) if present/needed) transparent. translucent. If the status bar is translucent. When translucent is set to true, the app will draw under the status bar. This is useful when using a semi transparent status bar color.

You do not seem to accept string values. Would you like to try this?


Is it possible to make navigation bar translucent (iOS)? · Issue #200 , Hi, i'm trying to achieve translucent navigation bar on iOS, however currently i have no I am also looking for the solution to modify navigation bar color for Android. styles on the StatusBar component built-in to ReactNative. To change the Status bar background color on iPhone X, XS, XR +++, you need to use the SafeAreaView component by React Native. So, on the iOS case, this tutorial works only for Devices below the

We need to make custom navigation bar and add safe area to it.And then give your required colour to safe area. Below, is the example,

<ImageBackground style={{flex:1, backgroundColor: 'silver'}} source={require('./des.jpeg')}>
<SafeAreaView style={{backgroundColor: 'transparent'}}/>


React Native Notes 23: How to Translucent StatusBar?, After that, we got what we need for both iOS and Android. Of course, you do not need to set bar style as light-content , you can change it depends on your design. If  You can use this kotlin extension function it will set status bar fully transparent (on API 23+, View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LIGHT_STATUS_BAR flag available on API 23+) and navigation bar (on API 27+, View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LIGHT_NAVIGATION_BAR flag available on API 27+) otherwise it will use the systemUiScrim color on API 21+

ReactNative: Translucent TabBar, react-navigation TabBar with default settings. Translucent me now First of all install expo-blur or @react-native-community/blur those libraries The expo-blur library doesn't work Android platform instead of creating blur effect it applies opacity to it. React Native · Tab Bar · Navigation · iOS · Android  if you ask about status bar. according to react native docs. You can use. import { StatusBar } from 'react-native'; then in your code. StatusBar.currentHeight update. you can get this using this module react-native-extra-dimensions-android. to detect that the soft android nav is presence you can use this module react-native-detect-navbar-android

Android, Android Translucent Navigation and Status Bars (API 19+). Example#. The navigation bar (at the bottom of the screen) can be transparent. Here is the way to​  import React, { Component } from 'react'; import { StatusBar } from 'react-native' const App = () => { return (<StatusBar barStyle = "dark-content" hidden = {false} backgroundColor = "#00BCD4" translucent = {true}/>) } export default App If we run the app, the status bar will be visible and content will have dark color.

keywords:translucent, react-native-modal-translucent Remove the StatusBar background for Modal on Android. Onscreen navigation bar customization component for Android  For example, React Navigation's tab navigator takes care of handling the Android back button for you, while standalone components typically do not. Additionally, it is more difficult for you (as the developer) to perform actions such as "jump to this tab and then go to this screen" if you need to call into two distinct APIs for it.

  • What was the crash? Maybe that is the way to do it but you need to dig in a bit?
  • @doubleA the app crashes with no warning or exception as soon as I reload after I set changeNavigationBarColor('transparent');
  • Have you tried this changeNavigationBarColor('#ffffffff',true)? It has 8f whereas the last two denotes the Alpha Channel.
  • @Ashwin Mothilal I've tried this trick before, Unfortunately no luck with this as well...
  • @Rondev Double check logcat. What you are describing is a fatal error from Android OS. No error message in RN nothing popping up on screen is a fatal crash. That should be in Logcat in AS.
  • Looks like this function only accepts hex as a string, because this line also makes the app crash without any warning or exception
  • I'm already using this trick as a temporary alternative. But this still doesn't make the navigation bar translucent
  • I have added a background image and tried making safearea transparent , its working for me , have updated the code in previous answer please check whether it is working for you or not
  • Can you please provide your full code? It doesn't seem to work for me
  • Send me you code if possible so that i''ll better get the idea of what you are trying to do.