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I have issue using formControlName on Mat-Autocomplete. i dont know why but my formControlName wont send the data, am i put it wrong? When i try to remove [formControl] from HTML, its always cant filter.


<form [formGroup]="form" #legalDataFrm="ngForm" autocomplete="off""column" fxFlex="1 1 auto" novalidate>
  <input type="text" placeholder="Pilih Bank" 
    formControlName="bankName" matInput 
    [formControl]="myControl" [matAutocomplete]="auto">
      <mat-option>Pilih Bank</mat-option>
      <mat-option *ngFor="let option of filteredOptions | async" [value]="option">

TS _bankService is where i get the Bank List, _validationService is where i get the validation for each form name.

export class FpLegalDataFormComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {
form: FormGroup;
myControl = new FormControl();
options: User[];
filteredOptions: Observable<User[]>;

private activatedRoute: ActivatedRoute,
private formBuilder: FormBuilder,
public _validationsService: ValidationsService,
public _bankService: BankService
) {
 this.form ={
  bankName      : [bankName, Validators.required]
displayFn(user?: User): string | undefined {
return user ? user.bankName : undefined;

private _filter(name: string): User[] {
const filterValue = name.toLowerCase();

 return this.options.filter(option => 
 option.bankName.toLowerCase().indexOf(filterValue) > -1);
 private initDropdown() {
 this._bankService.getBank().then((response) => {
   this.options =;
   this.filteredOptions = this.myControl.valueChanges
     startWith<string | User>(''),
     map(value => typeof value === 'string' ? value : value.bankName),
     map(name => name ? this._filter(name) : this.options.slice())

First of all it's good to initialize the form control so insted of:

this.form ={
  bankName      : [bankName, Validators.required]


this.form ={
  bankName: new FormControl(bankName, Validators.required)

and to fix the problem insted of

<input type="text" placeholder="Pilih Bank" 
    formControlName="bankName" matInput 
    [formControl]="myControl" [matAutocomplete]="auto">


<input type="text" placeholder="Pilih Bank" matInput 
    [formControl]="form.get('bankName')" [matAutocomplete]="auto">

it should fix your problem.

angular-autocomplete-employee, <mat-form-field>. <input. matInput. type="text". placeholder="Name". [​matAutocomplete]. ="auto". formControlName="em. ployee". > <mat-​autocomplete. < mat-autocomplete > < mat-option * ngFor = "let option of options" [value]= "option" > {{ option }} </ mat-option > </ mat-autocomplete > Now we'll need to link the text input to its panel. We can do this by exporting the autocomplete panel instance into a local template variable (here we called it "auto"), and binding that variable to the


<form class="example-form">
<mat-form-field class="example-full-width">
<input type="text" placeholder="Pick one" aria-label="Number" matInput [formControl]="myControl" [matAutocomplete]="auto">
<mat-autocomplete #auto="matAutocomplete">
<mat-option *ngFor="let option of options" [value]="option">
{{ option }}

TS File
myControl: FormControl = new FormControl();
options = [

Binding in mat-autocomplete control - Support, Dear @team,I used mat-autocomplete control in my screen but i can\'t binding formControlName to default select.Modelexport class  This page will provide Angular Material Select with search using <mat-autocomplete> element. The autocomplete is a normal text input with a panel of suggested options. Find the sample code to create select dropdown with search facility.


public form: FormGroup ={
    control: [undefined, [Validators.required]],
this.filtered = this.signupForm.controls.control.valueChanges.pipe(...);


        <input type="text"
        <mat-autocomplete autoActiveFirstOption
          <mat-option *ngFor="let option of filtered | async"

Angular 8/9 Autocomplete Tutorial with Angular Material, Today we are going to create Autocomplete in Angular 8/9 using Angular Material UI components. Then, we'll import MatAutocompleteModule in the app​. placeholder="States Group" formControlName="stateGroup"  Today we are going to create Autocomplete in Angular 8/9 using Angular Material UI components. The autocomplete is a functionality which shows the recommended options to the user when the user clicks on the input field or enters some keywords in an input field. We’ll create an Angular 8 app from scratch to show how […]

Angular Material Autocomplete Component Force Selection , mat-form-field class = "full-width" >. < input type = "text" placeholder = "Project" matInput formControlName = "project". [matAutocomplete]="projectAutoComplete​">. In this mat-chip-list there’s an input-field that is linked to the mat-autocomplete component. The input-field also has a few attributes necessary for the chiplist. If you start typing in this input-field, you get the autocomplete list, but you can also add fruits (when they are available in the autocomplete-list) by typing the complete name and pressing enter or a comma (specified in matChipInputSeparatorKeyCodes).

Reusable Angular Material Input Autocomplete form control , In this example I will use an Angular Material Autocomplete form control </mat-​form-field> <mat-autocomplete #auto="matAutocomplete" or a [formControl] | formControlName , template driven or reactive form respectively. classList: string. Takes classes set on the host mat-autocomplete element and applies them to the panel inside the overlay container to allow for easy styling.

Input's FormControl setValue does not work when mat-form-field has , Deleting mat-chip-list or removing the matAutocomplete directive fixes <input #​categoryInput matInput formControlName="categoryInput" . Angular Bootstrap autocomplete Angular Autocomplete - Bootstrap 4 & Material Design. Angular Bootstrap autocomplete is a component that predicts the words based on the first few letters given by a user, while they are typing it.

  • Remove [formControl]="myControl" => as this is work like formControlName
  • and paste your HTML and TS whole code to get proper solution, cause ,autocomplete have the filtered option which has to be defined anywhere
  • but when i remove [formControl] its wont filter the user input. okay, ill paste my complete code
  • remove formControlName="bankName" and also remove from <form=>[formGroup]="form" as this will not needed
  • eh? why i should remove the [formGroup]? it must have impact to my other field
  • i think this make a little improvement, but i still got an error. thank you,,
  • And in the initDropdown() function use form.get('bankName').valuechanges
  • i do this when i tried for the first time from the documents. its work fine until i tried to send the value
  • Okay If u want to set into your code I can help u... I am updating your code and sent u back if u want
  • this._bankService.getBank().then((response) => { console.log( this.options =; console.log(this.options) this.filteredOptions = this.form.controls.bankName.valueChanges .pipe( startWith<string | User>(''), map(value => typeof value === 'string' ? value : value.bankName), map(name => name ? this._filter(name) : this.options.slice()) ); })
  • and remove your formcontrol ==>[formControl]="myControl"
  • is my edited code on my question still not enough for u? if it ill try to edit again to complete code