Restrict results to only dates that are in the next month

Restrict results to only dates that are in the next month

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What I am trying to code is "give it to me if the review date is in the next month."

Select id, review_date
from Table
Where (review date is in any part of the next month next month)?

I tried:

where CAST("Revw_Dt" AS date) = ADD_MONTHS(Current_Date, 1) 

but that only returns the review date in the next month = to todays date. I need it if it is any where in the following month.

You need to use combination of the add_months and trunc functions.

Select * from your_table
Where trunc(Revw_Dt, 'month') = trunc(add_months(current_date,1),'month');


Excel formula: Filter by date, To filter data to include data based on dates, you can use the FILTER function with one The result returned by FILTER includes data in the month of July only. Hi, Is there a way to limit, datepicker dates selection to current month dates ? For e.g., If current month is August, Datepicker should display dates from 08/01 - 08/31 and restrict user from selecting other month dates. Thanks,

Consider the following approach, that will happily use an existing index on the date column:

SELECT id, review_date 
FROM mytable 
    review_date >= ADD_MONTH(TRUNC(SYSDATE, 'month'), 1)
    AND review_date < ADD_MONTH(TRUNC(SYSDATE, 'month'), 2)

Examples of using dates as criteria in Access queries, Queries that filter for null (missing) or non-null dates. To include items that Use this criteria. Query result. Filter  With Excel's data validation, you can restrict the dates that can be entered on a worksheet. For example, you could specify start and end dates on the worksheet, and only dates within that range can be entered. In the screen shot below, start and end dates are entered in column E, and dates in column B must be within that date range.

Just compare the month components of the review date with next month's date:

FROM yourTable

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Filter your search results - Google Search Help, You can filter and customize your search results to find exactly what you want. For example Some Search tools are available in only some languages, or show only if you're signed in to your Google Account. Web results Was this helpful? Easily retrieve data for the Current Month or Year in a Microsoft Access Query. If you need to limit Microsoft Access query results to a particular month or year, you may not have to specify exact beginning and ending dates when establishing your criteria, particularly if the selection criteria are relative to the current date.