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I'm trying to receive some simple json from mocky.

React native fetch function:

getMemberDomainList = async (name) => {
  try {
    let response = await fetch('', {
      method: 'POST',
      headers: {
        Accept: 'application/json',
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    let responseJson = await response.json();
    return responseJson;
  } catch (error) {

I have tested the address in chrome on windows, it returns the expected mock data. But when the function is called on my android phone I get this error

Error from remote debugger

...\node_modules\react-native\Libraries\Renderer\oss\ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:2348 TypeError: Network request failed
    at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onerror (...\Libraries\Renderer\oss\ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:4337)
    at XMLHttpRequest.dispatchEvent (...\Libraries\Renderer\oss\ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:10760)
    at XMLHttpRequest.setReadyState (...\Libraries\Renderer\oss\ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:10511)
    at XMLHttpRequest.__didCompleteResponse (...\Libraries\Renderer\oss\ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:10343)
    at ...\Libraries\Renderer\oss\ReactNativeRenderer-dev.js:10449
    at RCTDeviceEventEmitter.emit (...\Libraries\Components\DrawerAndroid\
    at MessageQueue.__callFunction (...\Libraries\ART\ReactNativeART.js:362)
    at blob:http://localhost:8081/79251787-d190-4650-8040-23d091c08738:2334
    at MessageQueue.__guard (...\Libraries\ART\ReactNativeART.js:312)
    at MessageQueue.callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue (...\Libraries\ART\ReactNativeART.js:139)

I'm also running a WebView in my app, which is pointing to a web url, it loads perfectly so I am sure that the phone has internet permission and access etc.

In the latest android versions http requests are not allowed by default. Take a look at this post for further information about allowing http request: How to allow all Network connection types HTTP and HTTPS in Android (9) Pie?

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Can't get to work. But the error is not persistent when using services such as:

Might not be an android or react native related problem after all. Also had issues with in postman, though it works fine in chrome.

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If you are using emulator then check whether internet is working or not in this emulation using browser. If not check this: Android emulator not able to access the internet

I have also face this problem in emulator but when I generate a release app and install in a real device(andoid 9) then it works fine.

React-Native Network request failed on Android Emulator API 16-19 , areeb111 changed the title React-Native Fetch Network Request Failed on Android API 17 React-Native Network request failed on Android  ThemesPodcastArticlesPremium. React-native fetch throws “Network request failed” error on Android Devices with backend in remote server. JavaScript. android. masihfathi. August 16, 2017, 9

Please check backend response status.

If backend is sending contents using 205 status - 205 RESET CONTENT

Android system recognize it as an error - HTTP 205 had non-zero Content-Length: 25.

You can check the status code on postman. So, in this case, the error should be fixed on backend. It should send contents with 200 status code.

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  • it could be because of http ... https is needed
  • in your remote debugger ... what did this console.error(error); print ?
  • remote debugger not workin unfortunately. But good point on the https, will try another mock service and see if that resolves it
  • switching to a https mock api seemed to make a difference, at least the stack trace looks a bit different. Same error though "network request failed"
  • Have you tried to exec the same api request using axios ?
  • Yes dev/prod build can have effect on things such as internet access or which protocols are allowed. In my case I was able to fetch against just fine ruling out the idea that I wasn't able to connect to the internet on the emulator.