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As shown in the link above I have to input '<' twice instead of once, why is that? Also it seems that the first input is ignored but the second '<' is the one the program recognizes.

The same thing occurs even without a loop too.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <time.h>

int main(){

  int randomGen, upper, lower, end, newRandomGen;
  char answer;

  upper = 100;
  lower = 1;
  end = 1;

  do {

   randomGen = rand()%(upper + lower);
   printf("%d\n", randomGen);
   scanf("%s\n", &answer);

  }while(answer != '=');


Whitespace in scanf format strings, like the \n in "%c\n", tries to match any amount of whitespace, and scanf doesn’t know that there’s no whitespace left to skip until it encounters something that isn’t whitespace (like the second character you type) or the end of input. You provide it with =\n, which fills in the %c and waits until the whitespace is over. Then you provide it with another = and scanf returns. The second time around, the character could be anything and it’d still work.

Skip leading whitespace instead (and use the correct specifier for one character, %c, as has been mentioned):

scanf(" %c", &answer);

Also, it’s good practice to make sure you actually succeeded in reading something, especially when failing to read something means leaving it uninitialized and trying to read it later (another example of undefined behaviour). So check scanf’s return value, which should match the number of conversion specifiers you provided:

if (scanf(" %c", &answer) != 1) {
    return EXIT_FAILURE;

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 scanf("%s\n", &answer);

Here you used the %s flag in the format string, which tells scanf to read as many characters as possible into a pre-allocated array of chars, then a null terminator to make it a C-string.

However, answer is a single char. Just writing the terminator is enough to go out of bounds, causing undefined behaviour and strange mishaps.

Instead, you should have used %c. This reads a single character into a char.

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