Does anybody know how to launch the print dialog from chrome by selenium+python

I have a question about how to launch the print dialog from chrome browser. I know the shortcut key to open this is ctrl+p, but I don't know how to describe it in selenium. Does anyone know this? Thanks a lot!

I tried the following code, but it doesn't work on my Chrome browser.

    actions = ActionChains(driver)

Basically you need to trigger the JavaScript function that triggers the print pop-up. That function is window.print().

So what you need is to trigger that function after arriving at the page you want to print. So say you want to print the front page of

# now you're at the page you want to print. Trigger print function

Now it should prompt you to the print pop-up. The reason you need to trigger the JavaScript function is because JavaScript is the browser's language.

[Chrome] Handle Print Preview window, You can't access it through Selenium. - show quoted text - What are you going to do if chrome doesn't open the print preview page?О©╫ О©╫ Do you also test that you can show/hide the bookmark bar on your browser? It is good to know if a certain version of the browser fails to open a print dialog. [ SmokeDetector | MS] Mostly punctuation marks in answer (36): Does anybody know how to launch the print dialog from chrome by selenium+python by timmyt123 on Badger 1:03 AM

Not quite what you are asking about, but this is what worked for me in Firefox.

Send CTRL+P (or COMMAND+P on mac) to the body element using ActionChains:

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver import ActionChains
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys

driver = webdriver.Firefox()

actions = ActionChains(driver)

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Handling the Print dialog box · Issue #1815 · SeleniumHQ/selenium , Originally reported on Google Code with ID 1815 What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Open a web page which will open the print dialog box up on loading the page. What do you see instead? Other aspects of the browser including, but not limited to print dialogs, save dialogs, and browser chrome, are all out of  Hi David or all, I have the same issue that it works from Chrome but not Firefox. And I added your two lines, but it still does not work. However, if I exit out the dialog window and re-click browse button manually from where it hangs, then this time it will paste the file path and click enter automatically.

FREQUENTLY ASKED INTERVIEW QUESTION'S: SELENIUM USING PYTHON, import time start = time.time() driver.get(url) # Also can add some done - start print(elapsed) How to disable "Save the password" dialog box in "Chrome" browser it. from selenium import webdriver from​options  The problem is a standard compatibility issue between Selenium WebDriver and your version of a browser. As I am writing about this, the latest WebDriver version is 2.53.1. The latest Chrome version is 51.0 and the latest Firefox version is 46.0. Therefore, the Selenium WebDriver API does not get updated as often as Chrome or Firefox.

1087 - Allow access to Chrome Print Dialog - chromedriver, If you know that your issue does not contain confidential information, please Currently when the Chrome print dialog is opened with the javascript Please enable interaction with the print dialog for automation testing of Cloud Printing. The ability to switch to the print dialog window will be part of the next release (​2.16). This is an AutoIt Tutorial for Beginners. Learn to Download, Install and Write Basic AutoIt Scripts to Handle Windows Pop-up using AutoIt and Selenium: Pop-ups are those irritating windows that come up while we work on something important and interrupt our concentration. It is necessary to get rid of them while testing.

Getting Started with Headless Chrome | Web, It's a way to run the Chrome browser in a headless environment. Essentially chrome --headless --disable-gpu --print-to-pdf You'll see a list of inspectable pages where you can click through and see what Headless is rendering: Can I use this with Selenium / WebDriver / ChromeDriver? I should print PDF using my C++ app in Windows 10 without opening "Save file dialog". Previously I used "Generic Postscript Printer" to save file with the given name as ".ps" and than converted it to PDF using another application. Windows 10 doesn't support "Generic Postscript Printer" but has embedded "Microsoft Print to Pdf" printer.

  • if there is no way to do this, does any one know how to open the right button menu from a webpage by using selenium+python+chrome
  • yes, I want to do the same thing on Chrome, just want to open the print dialog from chrome, it seems your method doesn't work on Chrome browser. Is there any way to launch the print dialog from Chrome browser. Thanks a lot!
  • @sansha I edited my original answer. It should give you what you need now. Take a look.
  • Although this code might solve the problem, a good answer should also explain what the code does and how it helps.