Vb.net Convert Integer DBNULL to 0 - error

conversion from type 'dbnull' to type 'integer' is not valid
conversion from type 'dbnull' to type 'integer' is not valid swat
convert dbnull to int c#
conversion from type 'dbnull' to type 'string' is not valid

I'm having this method:

Private Function convertInteger(intInteger As Object) As Integer

    If IsDBNull(intInteger) Then
        convertInteger = 0
        convertInteger = cInt(intInteger)
    End If

End Function

But it returns this error:

operator '=' is not defined for type 'integer' and type 'dbnull'

Im trying to convert a DBnull value to 0..

But the problem is that the value im trying to convert is not always DBnull.. so how should i handle this?

Try this

Private Function convertInteger(intInteger As Object) As Integer

    If intInteger = DBNull.Value Then
        Return 0
    End If

    Return intInteger

End Function

As suggested by [Tim Schmelter], look into Nullable types

Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'Integer' is not valid , VB.NET. I have created a table and fields declared as int null and i used stored Somewhere in your saving code you compare a integer to a variable. NET code you'll have to check if the variable is dbnull (there is a function for that '​IsDBNull' that returns a boolean). Value then textbox1.text = 0 End If. With Integer, Nothing will set the value as = 0. For example: Dim dbCount1 = If(Not IsDBNull(row.Item(3)), CInt(row.Item(3)), Nothing) – JoshYates1980 Jul 10 '17 at 17:26 @JoshYates1980 no, the implicit conversion from Null (that's what Nothing is) to int will - mixing up actual 0s with nulls.

Try this

Private Function convertInteger(ByVal intInteger As Object) as Integer
   If IsDBNull(intInteger) Then
       Return 0
       Return CInt(intInteger)
   End if
End Function

How to cast DBNull to int - MSDN, How can I assign the DBNull value to an integer table field ? i.e. Value in the database table means neither 0 nor empty string. use it of course as a result of an conversion without creating a real item in Net). So undoubtedly DBNull object can of course cast to an Object Data Type without any problem. It has DbNull, which is old ADO.NET's representation of a null value, preceding the introduction to .NET of nullable value types, and it has Nothing. Nullable(Of Integer) is a nullable value type. Avariable of type Nullable(Of Integer) can be set to either Nothing or an Integer. It can't be set to DBNull.

Private Sub readValue()
    Dim cSql As String
    Dim oCnn as OleDbConnection
    Dim oCmd as OleDbCommand
    Dim oDataReader as OleDbDataReader
    Dim valor as Integer


    oCmd = New OleDbCommand(cSql, oCnn)
    oReader = oCmd.executeReader

    if oReader.HasRows then
       valor = IIf(IsDBNull(oDataReader("FIELD_NAME")), 0, oDataReader("FIELD_NAME"))
    End If
End Sub

Convert.IsDBNull(Object) Method (System), Returns an indication whether the specified object is of type DBNull. NET objects. GetValues(fieldValues); for (int fieldCounter = 0; fieldCounter < fieldCount; fieldCounter++) { if (Convert. IsDBNull(Nothing) in Visual Basic returns false . Imports System.Data.SqlClient Public Class Manage_RawMaterial_New Inherits System.Web.UI.Page Dim objConn As SqlConnection Dim objCmd As SqlCommand Dim strConnString, strSQL As String Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load End Sub Public Sub ConnectDB() strConnString = ConfigurationManager

vb.net, In which line your getting the error message? 0 0 if IsDBNull(last) then last =0 end if. u cant set last here to watever your starting cust_id is rather than 0. 0 0. In VB.NET: Dim intSaveShoeSize As Int32 = CInt(txtShoeSize) Dim objSaveShoeSize As Object If intSaveShoeSize > 0 Then objSaveShoeSize = intSaveShoeSize Else objSaveShoeSize = DBNull.Value End If cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("ShoeSizeParam", objSaveShoeSize)

Check if DBNull value and replace it in VB.NET, Value Then ConvertNullInteger = 0 Else ConvertNullInteger Please excuse me if there are any syntax error as I am primarily a C# Developer. Returns Boolean. true if value is of type DBNull; otherwise, false.. Examples. The following example uses a SqlDataReader object to retrieve survey data from a database. It assigns each row's field values to an array, and then passes each array element to the IsDBNull method.

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