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Is there a way to check in a php script if exec() is enabled or disabled on a server?

if(function_exists('exec')) {
    echo "exec is enabled";

Check if "exec" is disabled, Note: When safe mode is enabled, you can only execute files within the safe_mode_exec_dir. For practical We know now how we can fork a process in linux with the & operator. exec strips trailing whitespace off the output of a command. This function is disabled when PHP is running in safe mode. backtick operator: This function is disabled when PHP is running in safe mode. shell_exec() (functional equivalent of backticks) This function is disabled when PHP is running in safe mode. exec() You can only execute executables within the safe_mode_exec_dir.

This will check if the function actually works (permissions, rights, etc):

if(exec('echo EXEC') == 'EXEC'){
    echo 'exec works';

exec - Manual, Is there a way to check in a php script if exec() is enabled or disabled on a server​? Leggi tutto. Oplossing. if(function_exists('exec')) { echo "exec is enabled"; }  How to Enable exec() in PHP-FPM? 1) Login to server via SSH. 2) Check the PHP version of the server using the below command. 3) Then open the PHP-FPM configuration file. 4) Then you will find the exec() function in the disabled function list. 5) Remove that from the above line. 6) Then restart


What you actually want to do is use ini_get('disable_functions') to find out if it is available to you:

function exec_enabled() {
    $disabled = explode(',', ini_get('disable_functions'));
    return !in_array('exec', $disabled);

Answered on stackoverflow here: Check if "exec" is disabled, Which actually seems to come from the PHP Man page:


If the above returns true (you can use exec()), but PHP can still not trigger the script there is a good chance that you have a path issue for that script, test this by doing:

print exec('which bash');

and then try

print exec('which ogr2ogr');

PHP exec - check if enabled or disabled, Simple php script to check if exec php function is enabled or not because many shared hosting provider by default disabled the exec php function to secure the  PHP check if mail() function is enabled on your server To check if mail function is enabled on your apache server you can try one of the following: Check your php.ini like this:

This will check that exec is available and enabled BEFORE trying to run it. If you run exec() and the function does not exist or is disabled a warning will be generated. Depending on the server settings that may render to the browser and will almost-always write a line to a log file = performance hit.

// Exec function exists.
// Exec is not disabled.
// Safe Mode is not on.
$exec_enabled =
   function_exists('exec') &&
   !in_array('exec', array_map('trim', explode(', ', ini_get('disable_functions')))) &&
   strtolower(ini_get('safe_mode')) != 1

if($exec_enabled) { exec('blah'); }

Test php script to check the exec php function – KTCHost, If we turned off the PHP-FPM the exec function is working again. If you are facing below steps. First, you need to verify the PHP-FPM is enabled. PHP.INI settings Disable exec, shell_exec, system, popen and Other Functions To Improve Security. Open a terminal application or login to your server over the ssh session using ssh command. Open php.ini file using a text editor such as vim command or nano command: $ sudo vi /etc/php.ini OR $ sudo nano /etc/php.ini

It's a bit tricky to find exec function available until unless checking all possibilities


2.Scanning through ini_get('disabled_functions)

3.Checking safe_mode enabled

function is_shell_exec_available() {
    if (in_array(strtolower(ini_get('safe_mode')), array('on', '1'), true) || (!function_exists('exec'))) {
        return false;
    $disabled_functions = explode(',', ini_get('disable_functions'));
    $exec_enabled = !in_array('exec', $disabled_functions);
    return ($exec_enabled) ? true : false;

This function never throws warnings unless ini_get function not disabled.

How to Enable exec() in PHP-FPM?, How to enable exec() - You can modify different php settings for your account using If you need to disable show_source, system or shell_exec as well, just add  il est un peu difficile de trouver exec fonction disponible jusqu'à moins de vérifier toutes les possibilités . 1. function_exist('exec') 2.Balayage par ini_get('disabled_functions)

How to enable exec() - Hosting, If your WordPress site relies on any of these PHP functions, disabling them could result in plugin it requires the exec() function which is one of the functions we're about to disable. First, you need to check if you have PHP 7.3 installed. How to enable exec() function through php.ini. Check your disabled_functions string, and see if that is listed. If so, then remove it. RHS-Chris, May 6, 2010.

Upgrading Your PHP Disabled Functions, The only thing I can think of is to use the function_exists function to check if the exec function exists. many hosts do disable it, i think it works like  The disabled attribute is a boolean attribute. When present, it specifies that the <input> element should be disabled. A disabled input element is unusable and un-clickable. The disabled attribute can be set to keep a user from using the <input> element until some other condition has been met (like selecting a checkbox, etc.).

find if exec is enabled - PHP, A quick tutorial on how to enable the exec() PHP function when using If you make these changes and then switch off PHP-FPM and switch it back on 4) Check the PHP version of the server using the below command. On Windows-Apache-PHP servers there is a problem with using the exec command more than once at the same time. If a script (with the exec command) is loaded more than once by the same user at the same time the server will freeze. In my case the PHP script using the exec command was used as the source of an image tag.