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How can I execute the following SQL inside a single command (single execution) through ADO.NET?

    ADD NewCol INT


UPDATE [MyTable] 
    SET [NewCol] = 1

The batch separator GO is not supported, and without it the second statement fails.

Are there any solutions to this other than using multiple command executions?

The GO keyword is not T-SQL, but a SQL Server Management Studio artifact that allows you to separate the execution of a script file in multiple batches.I.e. when you run a T-SQL script file in SSMS, the statements are run in batches separated by the GO keyword. More details can be found here:

If you read that, you'll see that sqlcmd and osql do also support GO.

SQL Server doesn't understand the GO keyword. So if you need an equivalent, you need to separate and run the batches individually on your own.

[Solved] i get this error Incorrect syntax near ','. on sql server 2008 , You haven't provided value for Id_Teacher and Adress. You need to provide a value or you can pass NULL or just ignore the column from the  Select DeployItemName, DeploySequenceId, Outcome, StatusID from DeployItemStaging where StatusId =2 and outcome like '%Incorrect syntax near '')''.%'-- Click the Sequence field and view the first line. Confirm that the management pack is one that you created before proceeding DECLARE @DeploySequenceID [uniqueidentifier]

Remove the GO:

String sql = "ALTER TABLE  [MyTable] ADD NewCol INT;";
cmd = new SqlCommand(sql, conn);
sql = "UPDATE [MyTable] SET [NewCol] = 1";
cmd = new SqlCommand(sql, conn);

It seems that you can use the Server class for that. Here is an article:

C#: Executing batch T-SQL Scripts containing GO statements

Annoying T-SQL Script error "Incorrect syntax near ' '." - Blog, I can execute without any error the script on a SSMS connected to a SQL Server 2014. Incorrect syntax near ' '. By highlighting the SQL script code, the right-click in the code, then select "Design Query in Editor" option. This will open the SQL script graphic designer with the existing code. It's pretty quick, in Notepad++: Click "New file". Check under the menu "Encoding": the value should be "Encode in UTF-8"; set it if it's not. Paste your text. From Encoding menu, now click "Encode in ANSI" and check again your text.

This can also happen when your batch separator has been changed in your settings. In SSMS click on Tools --> Options and go to Query Execution/SQL Server/General to check that batch separator.

I've just had this fail with a script that didn't have CR LF line endings. Closing and reopening the script seems to prompt a fix. Just another thing to check for!

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You will also get this error if you have used IF statements and closed them incorrectly.

Remember that you must use BEGIN/END if your IF statement is longer than one line.

This works:

PRINT 'Row count is zero.'

But if you have two lines, it should look like this:

PRINT 'Row count is zero.'
PRINT 'You should probably do something about that.'

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Came across this trying to determine why my query was not working in SSRS. You don't use GO in SSRS, instead use semicolons between your different statements.

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