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I am new to ElasticSearch. I have gone through very basic tutorial on creating Indexes. I do understand the concept of a indexing. I want ElasticSearch to search inside a .PDF File. Based on my understanding of creating Indexes, it seems I need to read the .PDF file and extract all the keywords for indexing. But, I do not understand what steps I need to follow. How do I read .PFD file to extract keywords.

You need to check out the elasticsearch-mapper-attachments plugin, as it is very likely to help you achieve what you need.

How to index a .PDF file in ElasticSearch, Mapper attachment plugin is a plugin available for Elasticsearch to index different type of files such as PDFs, .epub, .doc, etc. The plugin uses  How To Index A PDF File As An Elasticsearch Index Introduction. Oftentimes, you’ll have PDF files you’ll need to index in Elasticsearch. The attachment processor Prerequisites. Python 3 – Install Python 3 for your macOS, linux/Unix, or Windows platform. If you have another OS, To install the

It seems that the elasticsearch-mapper-attachment plugin has been deprecated in 5.0.0 (Released Oct. 26th, 2016). The documentation recommends using the Ingest Attachment Processor Plugin as a replacement.

To install:

sudo bin/elasticsearch-plugin install ingest-attachment

See How to index a pdf file in Elasticsearch 5.0.0 with ingest-attachment plugin? for information on how to use the Ingest Attachment plugin.

Quick and Powerful PDF Search Using Elasticsearch, I Used FS Crawler to import the PDF file contents from a local file system path into Elastic Search. How to push the file contents into ingest node. Since elasticsearch and file system crawler as Windows system service, you should start the services from Computer Management>Applications and Services>Services In my setup I have indexed a

Install Elasticsearch mapper-attachment plugin and use code similar to :

public String indexDocument(String filePath, DataDTO dto) {
        IndexResponse response = null;
        try {
            response = this.prepareIndexRequest("collectionName").setId(dto.getId())
                    .field("file", Base64.encodeFromFile(filePath))
        } catch (ElasticsearchException e) {
        } catch (IOException e) {
    return response.getId();

Search a PDF file using its content - Elasticsearch, I want to index many pdf files. I read about ingest attachment plugin. I also researched for examples online. One of them is Ingesting and  How to use ingest attachment plugin to index and store the pdfs in elastic search using spring boot dadoonet (David Pilato) February 21, 2020, 6:28am #2 You can use the ingest attachment plugin to parse your PDF documents at index time and extract the meaningful information. You will need for that to send the binary file as a BASE64 String.

As mentioned elasticsearch-mapper-attachment plugin has been deprecated and instead Ingest Attachment plugin can be used

Indexing many pdf files - Elasticsearch, Can i give path of file in ingest plugin? dadoonet (David Pilato) March 22, 2017  Elasticsearch is generally used to index data of types like string, number, date, etc. However, what if you wanted to index a file like a .pdf or a .doc directly and make it searchable? This is a real-time use case in applications like HCM, ERP, and e-commerce. Is there a mechanism to index files as easily as a string or number?

For my project I also had to make my local .PDF files to be searchable. I achieved this by following :

  1. Extracted data from .PDF file using Apache Tika , I used Apache Tika because it gives me freedom for extracting data from different extensions with same pipeline.
  2. Used the output of Apache Tika for Indexing.

Usually my index looked like :

{ filename : "FILENAME", filebody : "Data extracted from Apache Tika" }

There are multiple different solutions out there as mentioned here also using Elasticsearch mapper-attachment plugin is a great solution. I opted for this approach because I wanted to work with large files and different extensions.

Index PDF in ES - Elasticsearch, I am new to elastic search. I would like to know how to index and store the pdf files in elastic search using spring boot microservices. There are a variety of ingest options for Elasticsearch, but in the end they all do the same thing: put JSON documents into an Elasticsearch index. You can do this directly with a simple PUT request that specifies the index you want to add the document, a unique document ID, and one or more "field": "value" pairs in the request body:

How to index and store pdf file in elastic search using spring boot , I want to index PDF file into elastic search. I saw that there is a plugin available to do that task. Mapper Attachment Plugin Mapper attachment plugin is a plugin available for Elasticsearch to index different type of files such as PDFs,.epub,.doc, etc. The plugin uses open source Apache Tika libraries for the metadata and text extraction purposes. We are going to use this plugin to index a pdf document and make it searchable.

Is it inefficient to index PDF files in Elasticsearch, How should you extract and index files? After googling for "ElasticSearch searching PDFS", "ElasticSearch index binary files" I didn't find any  Because Elasticsearch uses a REST API, numerous methods exist for indexing documents. You can use standard clients like curl or any programming language that can send HTTP requests.

Ingesting Documents (pdf, word, txt, etc) Into ElasticSearch · Ambar , Clients continuously dumping new documents (pdf,word,text or whatsoever) and also elasticsearch is continuously ingesting these documents and when a client search a word elasticsearch will return what document has those words while giving a hyperlink where the document resides.