Can I change screenshots of the app after published?

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I made an app and put that on Playstore. Is there a way I can change the screenshots of the app? Or if it is not possible will the update version remove the previous version and screenshots?

You can change the screenshots if you go to the Google Developer Console.

You select your app from the list, then go to store presence and select store listing from the menu on the left and there will be a graphic assets section on the page. You can add them there.

App description update on play store, How can I submit another version for review with only this screenshot change? If I take down the approved version to submit again, something could always  To update your app screenshots on the Apple App Store: Go to iTunes Connect, and log in to your iTunes Connect account. Click My Apps. Click on the app you would like to update. Click New Version. Enter your app's Version Number. See How do I find my app's version number for Apple? for information on finding your version number. Click Create.

Steps to update Screenshots on Android Developer Console

  1. Select the App to which the screenshot to be added from the list of App

  1. From the Left click on Store preference, and inside that select Store listing.
  2. Scroll down on that page and you can see Graphic Assets, from there you can add

What is difference between Promo Graphics and Feature Graphics , To update your app screenshots on the Apple App Store: Go to iTunes See How do I find my app's version number for Apple? for information on finding your version number. Click Edit next to rating to update your apps rating, and then click Done. ​This is only available after your binary file has been uploaded. Hi! My app is approved and waiting for me to release it. Suddenly I noticed a change I want to make in the screenshots. For this I need to create a new

  1. Go to
  2. Login and then go to All applications( from side menu)
  3. Select your uploaded application
  4. Then Store presence -> Store listing (form side menu)
  5. On that page you'll find Graphic Assets section where you'll get different tabs for different devices(eg. PHONE, TABLET, ANDROID TV, WEAR OS) , there you can upload your application screenshots using the BROWSE FILES button.

Google Play Feature Graphic Examples - Gabe Kwakyi, Change screenshots and app icon for android app. Rutuja From Plobal avatar. Written by Rutuja From Plobal Updated over a week ago. Here's how you can  Developers have ‘never’ been able to change screenshots or the app name without uploading a new version; these have always required upfront approval. The inconvenience of this decision is mitigated

Here's where you can manage your app’s graphic assets on the Play Console:

Sign in to your Play Console. Click All Applications All applications.

   Select an app.

   On the left menu, click Store Presence > Store listing.

   Under "Graphic assets", you can upload your images and add a YouTube video.

changing screenshots after app is …, Graphic assets are shown on your store listing across all test tracks after you add them to your store Here's where you can manage your app's graphic assets:. The title of your app will show on Google Play after you’ve published. Don’t worry too much about it at this stage; you can always change the name later. After you’ve created your app, you

Update Your App Screenshots on the Apple App Store – Help Center, After the changes are approved, you can control when they go live on Google Play. Timed publishing can be particularly useful for apps that are subject to  Publish a draft app. When you're ready to publish a draft app, you'll need to roll out a release. At the end of the release process, clicking Confirm rollout will also publish your app. Publish an app update. You can use standard publishing or timed publishing to publish an update to an existing app.

How to change app icon, Store Listing and screenshot on google , If you update your app with new features, you can simply update your existing, published app in An Existing App to the Amazon Appstore · Taking Screenshots on Fire Devices To change the devices your APK supports, click Edit next to "Supported After you clear the devices from the first APK, these devices become  But you can change this location very easily to change the default location of where the snaps will be saved. Right-click on the Screenshots or the Captures folder and select Properties. Under the Location tab, click on Move to select the new default location of the Screenshots folder.

Graphic assets, screenshots, & video, Of course, Android or iOS screenshots do not affect the app's store ranking in any way, Google Play Store listings require a minimum of 2 screenshots that must adhere to the following rules: may need to change the way the art or images look for your app store screenshots. Your email address will not be published. Publishing your first app in the Play Store isn’t hard, with a few tips and pointers you can have your app ready for download in next to no time. You should also upload screen shots of your