django error OperationalError at /admin/blog/post/

operationalerror at /admin/auth/user/1/change
operational error at admin django
the above exception (no such table: auth_user was the direct cause of the following exception)
django/db/utils operationalerror no such table test
django/db/utils operationalerror no such table: auth_user
django db utils operationalerror no such table main polls_question old
operationalerror at users
class django db utils operationalerror

i get this error in simple django programme run.. OperationalError at /admin/blog/post/ no such table: blog_post

if django version >=django 1.7

python makemigrations 
python migrate


python schemamigrations
python migrate 

so you need to migrate (map the model changes / new models into database tables) the changes so that your page works properly

OperationalError at /admin/posts/post/ no such table: posts_post Im , run 'python makemigrations' again. you will see below this message. Did you rename the posts.Posts model to Post? y/N : y and then migrate again. Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

delete the migrations folder in app and then do :

python makemigrations
python migrate
python migrate --run-syncdb

it worked for me

Error with adding model objects : djangolearning, r/djangolearning: A group dedicated to learning Django, a Python web framework​. OperationalError at /admin/blog/post/add/ no such table:  TabularInline): pass class PagePermissionInlineAdmin (TabularInline): model = PagePermission # use special form, so we can override of user and group field form = PagePermissionInlineAdminForm classes = ['collapse', 'collapsed'] extra = 0 # edit page load time boost show_with_view_permissions = False def has_change_permission (self, request

You need to run migrations before you can do that operation. The necessary tables don't exist in your database (as described by the error).

django: django error OperationalError at /admin/blog/post/, i get this error in simple django programme run.. OperationalError at /admin/blog/​post/no such table: blog_post. SQLite .table command showed that under all the aforementioned installations, the database consists of the same table sets auth_group auth_user_user_permissions auth_group_permissions django_admin_log auth_permission django_content_type auth_user django_migrations auth_user_groups django_session. Stack Trace

Check for a typo in the name of your Model. If you change your model name after makemigration and migrate, then it doesn't work and find the correct model name anymore.

OperationalError at / no such column: posts_post.content : Forums , Error during template rendering. In template /home/mythingswork/MyThingsWork-​Blog-App/MyThingsWork_Blog/templates/base.html, error at line 0 no such column: from tinymce import HTMLField from django.db import models from posts, staticfiles, tinymce Apply all migrations: account, admin, auth,  The only model I've created is Post and it has been migrated. I created a superuser and I was able to get to the admin login page. But as soon as I login I get:

DjangoGirls/tutorial, I'm at step 11 (Django Admin) and after i had to add a post i got this: OperationalError at /admin/blog/post/ no such ImportError: No module named '​django'. For the above problem and solution is: 1) Go to the terminal and type in pip install django==2.1.7 or the latest version of django . 2) After the installation,In the terminal type in python makemigrations,and then python migrate

Django OperationalError solution || no such table, This error starts to appear as soon as I use EmbeddedField. I'm working on a project with a parent class and multiple children class The And below is the code snippet of this admin page. class UserCountInline(admin. user let's say there is/are blog posts written by a user 'Natsu' then a logged-in user  Ah, I see -- so it looks like it must have been looking at the wrong settings file previously? BTW although the Django StaticFilesHandler will work on PythonAnywhere, it's not super-efficient -- when you have the rest of your site working, you might want to take a look at this help page on using our built-in static files system, which can offload all of the work of serving your static

Django Community, But When I run python migrate --fake-initial I get this error: Usage: migrate [options] django error OperationalError at /admin/blog/post/​. Hi all, I am having a similar issue. I'm pretty new to Django fyi. New Django App. Using Django 2.0.3 in my virtual environment. cloned the app from github, (working on my mac), made migrations --> tried to run it on Python Anywhere.

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