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So I have a pretty simple class with an Id field, and the Id can be set in the constructor.

Typically I will use this to clearly identify the class property as opposed to the method argument. To me this seems clearer.

IDE0003 wants me to remove the this, with the message 'Name can be simplified', is that correct?

This seems less clear to me, and also allows a casing error to easily result in id = id.

The this keyword almost always is unnecessary, see When do you use the "this" keyword?.

allows a casing error to easily result in id = id

That will yield another warning on its own:

Assignment made to same variable; did you mean to assign something else?

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This other question has an answer that says you can configure the editor to remove the behavior. Personally I like "this"

Tools > Options > Text Editor > C# > Code Style and check Qualify member access with 'this'

Visual Studio 2015 - Change Light Bulb, Quick Action settings

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If you use General Naming Conventions then the this keyword is redundant because the parameter should be id and the property should be Id based on Naming Guidelines. So it seems clear:

public int Id 
   private set; 

public VSOMessage(int id)
    Id = id;

Please note that the guidelines itself don't say, to use or not use this keyword but because C# is case sensitive, it would be a simplification to remove this keyword but when you don't use Naming Conventions then you may naming the property id instead ofId so you should use this keyword in such cases.

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If you want to prevent the warning in code rather then updating Visual Studio settings use the SuppressMessage data annotation which will prevent the warning.

It looks something like this:

[SuppressMessage("Reason #Enter whatever you'd like", "ID, must match what intellsense is showing it looks something like this: IDE0001", Justification = "(optional, your own description")]

Here is an exact example for your "this" variable situation.

[SuppressMessage("IntelliSenseCorrection", "IDE0003", Justification = "Allowing this variable to consistency/readability of code.")]

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