Is there a way to remove all sticky options in CVS?

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I have accidentally commited a file to CVS as binary (sticky option -kb), and now I would like to remove it. Is it possible?

I've found a way to change the option to something else with cvs admin -kv , but is there a way to remove it completely?

I've also tried to remove the file and then re-add again (without specifying any sticky options), but also the new revision of the file has the same old -kb option.


You can remove the binary flag with repo surgery as follows:

  1. Edit the file,v stored in the repo and delete the line(s) with expand @b@;.
  2. If you have checked out versions of file, edit CVS/Entries and remove the -kb for file at the end of /file/1.1/Mon Sep 9 09:30:10 2013/-kb/ so the line ends with //.

That did the trick here.

Is there a way to remove all sticky options in CVS?, You can use the status command to see if any sticky tags or dates are set: the file from the head of the trunk, removing any sticky tags, dates, or options (other than checkin (in this example, put file1 back to the way it was as of revision 1.1)​. You can view all sticky options on a file by running the CVSstatus command on it. Keyword substitution. CVS uses a mechanism known as keyword substitution (or keywordexpansion) to replace strings of the form $Keyword$withstrings of the form $keyword:value$every time youobtain a new revision of a file.

From I tried this already and it works.

For example you have a file named "abc".

cvs update -A abc
cvs admin -kkv abc
cvs update -A abc
cvs status abc

Note: Make sure to do the cvs update after the cvs admin because your local file will not be automatically updated after the cvs admin.

CVS—Concurrent Versions System v1.11.23: Sticky tags, Essentially, I had to do remove the sticky option with the 'cvs admin -kkv' command, then 'cvs update -A' to remove all sticky tag information. To get rid of files, use cvs delete: rm filename # must remove working copy first cvs delete filename cvs commit CVS uses a "lazy" system for file deletion; delete just changes the way that the file is stored in the repository. It's still possible to undelete the file, or to check out revisions that existed before the file was deleted.

RE: How to get rid of sticky options - mailing lists, Various CVS operations cause the working copy to have a sticky tag file (in the case of a branch, the sticky tag is applied to any new files added in the working copy). You get a sticky tagged working area whenever you check out or update by tag or date, for example: To remove a sticky tag, run update with the -A flag floss$ cvs update -r Tag_Name or floss$ cvs checkout -D '1999-08-16' If a date or a nonbranch tag name is used, the working copy will be a frozen snapshot of that moment in the project's history – so naturally you will not be able to commit any changes from it. To remove a sticky tag, run update with the -A flag floss$ cvs update -A

I am having problems with sticky tags; how do I get rid of them , Enjoy FREE shipping on Adhesive Remover at CVS! Shop top brands and Choose options. $14.99 Hollister Medical Adhesive Remover Spray Can, 2.7​OZ. Not all commands support all of these options; each option is only supported for commands where it makes sense. However, when a command has one of these options you can almost always count on the same meaning for the option as in other commands.

Adhesive Remover, You can branch a single file, any group of files, or a whole project just as you can tag Depending on how major the rewrite is, you can use long branches merged to the Sticky Tag: (none) Sticky Date: (none) Sticky Options: (none) Existing Tags: When cvs add or cvs remove are applied to files in a branch sandbox, the  Reset any sticky tags/date/options. See section Sticky tags and section Keyword substitution. -c Output the module database. See section checkout options. -D date Check out revisions as of date (is sticky). See section Common command options. -d dir Check out into dir. See section checkout options. -f Use head revision if tag/date not found.

Branching - Essential CVS [Book], Is there any trick to remove sticky tags without updating file contents? Or the other way round: Is there any way to update a complete directory to a (none) Sticky Options: (none) The sticky tag is stored in the CVS/Entries file in the last field. See see node ‘Keyword substitution \(aq in the CVS manual. This option is sticky; future updates of this file in this working directory will use the same kflag. The status command can be viewed to see the sticky options. See see node ‘Invoking CVS \(aq in the CVS manual, for more information on the status command. -l

  • What types and versions of CVS are you using (both client and server are relevant)? CVSNT offers a couple of additional options over CVS when it comes to versioning substitution modes.
  • The server has: "Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11.21 (client/server)" The client is either the same (if I use the server machine), or I may use the CVS team synchronization features from Eclipse.
  • Thanks for a solution! So, if I edit only in repository but not in the checked out (e.g. by person A) files, then once the person A commits, the flag will get re-added again?
  • I haven't tried, but to be sure it's best if all user check in their files, delete or release their working copy, then you do surgery, then check out again.
  • OK, thanks for the reply! The lack of the command, however, doesn't seem like a design decision to me, as there IS a command to change the sticky option. Setting it to "none" is something just not implemented.