What is the correct method in where_in?

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i want to get data using where in condition

my code is below

SELECT `cuc_UserCardsDetail`.*, `cuc_CreditCardType`.`varValidName`
FROM (`cuc_UserCardsDetail`)
JOIN `cuc_CreditCardType` ON `cuc_CreditCardType`.`intGlCode` = 
WHERE `cuc_UserCardsDetail`.`intGlCode` IN ('10,29') 
AND `chrAccountType` =  'M'
ORDER BY `dtCreateDate` desc

now I have resulted with one row actually in my table there is two-row with related id

i think problem is In('10,29') but i want like ('10','29') or (10,29) how can i do in codeigitor?

i want (10,29) or ('10','29') in where in ..

In CI query builder use

$id= array('10', '20'); # or direct assing your input params
$this->db->where_in('column_name', $id);

Read Looking for Specific Data - Codeigniter.com

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Method chaining will accept array in where_in

$intGlCode = array(10, 29);
$this->db->select('`cuc_UserCardsDetail`.*, `cuc_CreditCardType`.`varValidName`');
$this->db->join('cuc_CreditCardType','cuc_CreditCardType.intGlCode = 
$data = $this->db->get()->result_array();

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Your query look something like

you have to define column chrAccountType from which table, here i assume it from cuc_UserCardsDetail

$this->db->select('ud.*, cc.varValidName');
$this->db->where_in('ud.intGlCode', ['10','29']);
$this->db->where('ud.chrAccountType', 'M');
$this->db->order_by('dtCreateDate', 'desc');
$this->db->join('cuc_CreditCardType cc', 'cc.intGlCode = ud.fk_CardTypeGlCode');
$data = $this->db->get('cuc_UserCardsDetail ud')->result_array();


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where_in() function just in the case of array of data.

$ids = array();
$this->db->where_in('id', $ids);

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  • pass separate element in IN as IN ('10','29'), Also this is not and codeigniter query, its simple mysql query, if you are using codeigniter, you should use active query builder
  • but how can i do in codeignitor query? i pass in parameter like 10,29
  • You should be passing an array containing those two values to the where_in method.
  • i tried your code but in result its give me WHERE intGlCode IN ('10,29') . so only one row data found.
  • ('10,29') will not work here, try this array(10,29)