What is the best or simplest way to query the following

What is the best or simplest way to query the following

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I need help with this problem.

Question: Write an SQL query that lists all the species found in the oldest zoo in America.

I tried the following, which worked, but I would like to know if there is a simpler way to do this. I spent hours on this question.

In the first block I created a new table I called "usaT", using the INTO clause, which only hold zoos with country USA. Click data base link to see image, please. Then i query this "usaT" table in the 2nd block of code.

Thanks for the help

database photo

    SELECT * INTO usaT
    FROM zoos WHERE country='USA';

    SELECT species FROM animals, usaT
    WHERE year_founded = (SELECT MIN(year_founded) FROM usaT)
    AND animals.zoo=usaT.city;

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Query would be:

Select  s.*
from animals a join
zoos z on z.yearFounded=(Select min(year_founded) from zoos) and z.city=a.animals Join
Species s on a.species=s.species

You should assign the unique identification number to each row of the all table for simplicity and use that as primary key & foreign key relation for joins.

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select distinct species
 from animals a
 join zoos z 
   on z.year_founded in
    (select min(year_founded)
      from zoos
     where country = 'USA')
  and a.zoo = z.city;

Hope this helps.

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