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I have table called admins and model called Admin.

When i try to update the records it fails every time with one field.

$admindetail = Admin::find($id);

Above code is not updating record in DB. datatype for is_delete is tinyint.

If i update name field it works with the same code like

$admindetail = Admin::find($id);

Can you help me why first code is not working.

Modal use to interact with table so all attributes which you need to store in DB you should need to define in your model as your Admin modal should look like


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Admin extends Model
    protected $fillable = ['name', 'is_delete'];

You missing is_delete from your Modal code.

Update not working on laravel 5.2, I have a record set that I would like to update followed all the tutorials on CRUD but seem not to get it to work here is what I have so far $userUp Laravel update Query not working Posted 1 year ago by sumanbiswas. I unable to find the problem, Please help me. This Code working fine. public function update

Instead of passing value as array, you could try the code below:

$admindetail = Admin::find($id);

Laravel update Query not working, I unable to find the problem, Please help me This Code working fine public function update(Request $request, Bank_details $bank_details) { The update method expects an array of column and value pairs representing the columns that should be updated. {note} When issuing a mass update via Eloquent, the saving, saved, updating, and updated model events will not be fired for the updated models. This is because the models are never actually retrieved when issuing a mass update.

Use boolean type, no integer 1: $adminDetail->fill(['is_delete' => true])->save();

And you can use as property without fill method and you do not need accept is_delete in the $fillable array:

$adminDetail->is_delete = true;

Calling update method on Eloquent Model does not perform "fillable , Laravel Version: 5.2.45 PHP Version: 5.6.23 Database Driver @c00p3r yes it won't work that way, update of the Eloquent builder won't check  I tried to follow what is happening, first Eloquent\Relations\HasOneOrMany,php's update() function is called, this calls update in Eloquent\Builder.php from there it goes to Illuminate\Database\Query\Builder.php's update() method, from there to Connection.php and run the update query and does not do any filling whatsoever.

You should check your fillable in your model like this:

protected $fillable = [

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Laravel Update not working, Laravel Update not working. I have table called admins and model called Admin. When i try to update the records it fails every time with one field. $admindetail  If it is not present, Laravel will search for the field in the route parameters. Retrieving JSON Input Values When sending JSON requests to your application, you may access the JSON data via the input method as long as the Content-Type header of the request is properly set to application/json .

Eloquent update not updating a field, So what's going wrong here? It should work exactly as planned, but apparently I'​m doing something wrong. Some extra info: $input['start']  Laravel's database query builder provides a convenient, fluent interface to creating and running database queries. It can be used to perform most database operations in your application and works on all supported database systems. The Laravel query builder uses PDO parameter binding to protect your application against SQL injection attacks.

Eloquent: Getting Started - Laravel, Inserting & Updating Models. Inserts; Updates Note that we did not tell Eloquent which table to use for our Flight model. By convention, the for processing. Using the chunk method will conserve memory when working with large result sets: I have added custom primary key 'UserId' in my model. First I query a row usign model.Then I change data in that model. I tried to save that model using Model::save() function but that save was not working.when I view the raw query I found that. update newusers set CustomerId = ?, Verified = ? where UserId is null. But UserId was 7767 in that

  • have you is_delete in modal ?
  • no i have not use.
  • I defined it. It starts working.Thanks.
  • yes put an answer.i accept it