Method 'GetEnumerator' in type Proxy<IEnumerable> does not have implementation

Method 'GetEnumerator' in type Proxy<IEnumerable> does not have implementation

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When using AutoMapper I get the following error

Method 'GetEnumerator' in type 'Proxy' from assembly 'AutoMapper.Proxies, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=be96cd2c38ef1005' does not have an implementation.

In my repository I have a private method

private IMapper GetMapper()
    var config = new MapperConfiguration(cfg => {
        cfg.CreateMap<MyClass, PersistenceModels.MyClass>();
        cfg.CreateMap<IEnumerable<PersistenceModels.MyClass>, IEnumerable<MyClass>>();

    return new Mapper(config);

And then I use this as follows

var mapper = GetMapper();
var userInfo = mapper.Map<IEnumerable<PersistenceModels.MyClass>, IEnumerable<MyClass>>(userInfoRaw);

The MyClass types are identical and have an IEnumerable property

public IEnumerable<string> ImageUris { get; set; }

Any ideas how to solve this?


I am not mapping types defined by interface, I am mapping collections of concrete types, hence the IEnumerable interface.

The solution was not to use IEnumerable when creating maps, only when using the map.

So, in the configuration I changed from

cfg.CreateMap<IEnumerable<PersistenceModels.MyClass>, IEnumerable<MyClass>>();


cfg.CreateMap<PersistenceModels.MyClass, MyClass>();

and everything worked.

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I hit the same problem. I guess AutoMapper wants to be told which implementation of IEnumerable to use for the target, so the following worked for me.

cfg.CreateMap<IEnumerable<PersistenceModels.MyClass>, List<MyClass>>();

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This is older, but might help if you came here from Google...


cfg.CreateMap<PersistenceModels.MyClass, MyClass>();

You need to IEnumerable your destination:

var perData = dbContext.SomeDbSet.Where(.....);
var mapData = Mapper.Map<IEnumerable<MyClass>>(perData);

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Same issue happens when using IList. So switch from IEnumerable or IList to List in destination type. It should work.

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It is unneccessary : mapper.Map<IEnumerable<PersistenceModels.MyClass>, IEnumerable<MyClass>>(userInfoRaw); you must use just type map (without collections):

mapper.Map<PersistenceModels.MyClass, MyClass>(userInfoRaw);

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