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what's the meaning of %r in the following statement?

print '%r' % (1)

I think I've heard of %s, %d, and %f but never heard of this.


In Python, there are two builtin functions for turning an object into a string: str vs. repr. str is supposed to be a friendly, human readable string. repr is supposed to include detailed information about an object's contents (sometimes, they'll return the same thing, such as for integers). By convention, if there's a Python expression that will eval to another object that's ==, repr will return such an expression e.g.

>>> print repr('hi')
'hi'  # notice the quotes here as opposed to...
>>> print str('hi')

If returning an expression doesn't make sense for an object, repr should return a string that's surrounded by < and > symbols e.g. <blah>.

To answer your original question:

%s <-> str %r <-> repr

In addition:

You can control the way an instance of your own classes convert to strings by implementing __str__ and __repr__ methods.

class Foo:

  def __init__(self, foo):
    self.foo = foo

  def __eq__(self, other):
    """Implements ==."""
    return self.foo == other.foo

  def __repr__(self):
    # if you eval the return value of this function,
    # you'll get another Foo instance that's == to self
    return "Foo(%r)" % self.foo

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It calls repr() on the object and inserts the resulting string.

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It prints the replacement as a string with repr().

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Adding to the replies given above, '%r' can be useful in a scenario where you have a list with heterogeneous data type. Let's say, we have a list = [1, 'apple' , 2 , 'r','banana'] Obviously in this case using '%d' or '%s' would cause an error. Instead, we can use '%r' to print all these values.

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The difference between %r and %s is, %r calls the repr() method and %s calls the str() method. Both of these are built-in Python functions.

The repr() method returns a printable representation of the given object. The str() method returns the "informal" or nicely printable representation of a given object.

In simple language, what the str() method does is print the result in a way which the end user would like to see:

name = "Adam"
Out[1]: 'Adam'

The repr() method would print or show what an object actually looks like:

name = "Adam"
Out[1]: "'Adam'"

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  • I've found %r to be useful for printing a string of unknown encoding, when otherwise an error can get thrown with %s
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