Can't import tensorflow.keras in VS Code

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I'm running into problems using tensorflow 2 in VS Code. The code executes without a problem, the errors are just related to pylint in VS Code. For example this import from tensorflow.keras.layers import Dense gives a warning "Unable to import 'tensorflow.keras.layers'pylint(import-error)". Importing tensorflow and using tf.keras.layers.Dense does not produce an error. I'm just using a global python environment (3.7.2) on Windows 10, tensorflow is installed via Pip.

I had the same issue. I solved it installing keras as a new package and then I changed all packages name removing the prefix "tensorflow.". So for example, in your case after installing keras you should replace tensorflow.keras.layers with keras.layers

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My way to work with that: The problem is related to the custom import system in tf2 (see this issue). A work around for this is possible (Windows, Linux) which basically tricks VS Code to directly import tensorflow_core and don't use the custom lazy loader. If you just want to remove the red lines (as this is only an editor-problem), use


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Its just better to use pycharm instead of vscode. This issue does not exist in pycharm. However, if you are insistent on using vscode, then the import statements have to be changed as follows.

from tensorflow.python.keras import Sequential
from tensorflow.python.keras.layers import Dense

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Removing the prefix "tensorflow" worked for me. Example:

from keras.layers import Dense

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  • Your pylint installed in same environment as you in 3.7.2?
  • I thing so. It is located in C:\Program Files\Python37\Scripts and I pointed VS Code to that path.
  • It's also possible that Pylint simply doesn't understand tensorflow 2 and its package layout (Pylint has known issues handling some other projects that contain extension modules like PyQt5).
  • Seems to be that way. Telling pylint to ignore tensorflow.keras removes the error messages, which is not a real solution but good enough for now.
  • How do I configure pylint on vscode to ignore this tensorflow error?
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  • this will import the layer module from keras and not from tf.keras