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I have sending variable with post function

  someFunction(param) {
    console.log("someFunction> "+param);
       return + '/test/someFunc',param);     

console.log shows

someFunction > 10

In backend I have

public async Task<Object> someFunc(string ttt)
    WriteLog("someFunc.txt", "start > "+ttt);

In log I see

start >

even if I change string to int

public async Task<Object> someFunc(int ttt)
    WriteLog("someFunc.txt", "start > "+ttt);

I still see only

start > 0

How can I solve it ?

Try adding it as querystring Change this way:

someFunction(param) {
console.log("someFunction> "+param);
   return + '/test/someFunc?ttt='+param);     

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I am not perfectly sure if this is a .Net feature, but I remember using the [FromBody] annotation in front of the parameter you want to get from the body of the request. In addition your param should have the same name in front- and backend.

In your case it would look something like

public async Task<Object> someFunc([FromBody] int param)

I personally dont like to add it to your url since with some data you definetly don't want to have it in there.

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if you're using ASP.NET Core 2.1+, simply use the [ApiController] attribute to automatically infer the [FromBody] binding source.

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  • u sure ? your answer is Get type not POST.
  • yes it's ASP.NET Core 2.1+ can u wire some example ?
  • Just add [ApiController] attribute to your Controller class.
  • [ApiController] public class ValuesController : ControllerBase
  • [ApiController] is in place. it was there from the beginning
  • Check the request content type. It must be 'application/json'