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I have a column of type datetime. The time part of the datetime is 00:00:00.000 for all the records. How can I update all of the records so the time is set to 17:59:59.000 without altering the part that contains the date?

Thank you in advance

You could apply DATEADD three times.

DECLARE @myDate DateTime = '2019-01-09'
SELECT @myDate
SELECT @myDate

This produces

2019-01-09 00:00:00.000

2019-01-09 17:59:59.000

How to set only time part of a DateTime variable in C#, I want to change the time part of a DateTime variable. But when I tried to access time part (hh:mm:ss) these fields are readonly. Can't I set these  In case of just updating a particular part of the datetime you can use SMALLDATETIMEFROMPARTS like: UPDATE MyTable SET MyDate = SMALLDATETIMEFROMPARTS(YEAR(MyDate), MONTH(MyDate), DAY(MyDate), <HoursValue>, <MinutesValue>) In other cases it may be required to copy parts of datetime to other or update only certain parts of the datetime:

do update where you got the time 00:00:00.000

create table t ( d datetime);
insert into t values('2019-10-01 00:00:00.000')
insert into t values('2019-10-01 00:00:00.000')

set d= d+ cast('17:59:59.000' as datetime)
from t t1
where cast( d as time)='00:00:00.000'


Convert DateTime to TimeSpan, to a number you can use the Ticks property. I have a DateTime variable: DateTime date = DateTime.Now; I want to change the time part of a DateTime variable. But when I tried to access time part (hh:mm:ss) these fields are readonly.

INSERT INTO table(datetimefield, ....) VALUES ('2019-10-03 00:00:00', ...);
UPDATE table SET datetimefield = DATETIMEFROMPARTS(YEAR(datetimefield), MONTH(datetimefield), DAY(datetimefield), 17, 59, 59, 0)

Date and time in C# - working with date and time in CSharp, With the ToString() method, we format the date. The Date property gets the date component of the DateTime instance. Console. Unlike local time, UTC does not change with a change of seasons. Program.cs. using System  You can't change a DateTime value - it's immutable. However, you can change the variable to have a new value. The easiest way of doing that to change just the time is to create a TimeSpan with the relevant time, and use the DateTime.Date property: DateTime s = ; TimeSpan ts = new TimeSpan(10, 30, 0); s = s.Date + ts;

You can use DATEADD()

    datecolumn = DATEADD(SECOND, 59, DATEADD(HOUR,17,DATEADD(MINUTE,59,datecolumn)))

replace ID, YourTable and DateColumn with your table/column names

C# DateTime Examples, Get relative dates and call DateTime constructors and properties. void Main() { var year2K = new DateTime(2000, 1, 1); // Update the time with AddDays, AddMonths and Add. var updated = year2K. With ToString we easily format a DateTime struct as text. Date: This returns only the date component of the DateTime. The data types datetime and time are incompatible in the add operator. So the solution is to convert time datatype into datetime and add DECLARE @date DATETIME, @time time SET @date = '2010-10-01' SET @time = '15:00:00' SET @date = @date + CAST (@time AS DATETIME) SELECT @date AS DATETIME. The result is 2010-10-01 15:00:00.000. So when adding data of datetime and time datatype values, you need to be aware of this.

DateTime.Hour Property (System), Gets the hour component of the date represented by this instance. ToString(​String, IFormatProvider) method with the "h" custom format specifier. For example​:. // Assign current time to a variable const now = new Date(); // Print local and UTC timezones console.log(now.getHours()); console.log(now.getUTCHours()); Running this code will print out the current hour, and the hour of the UTC timezone.

Date and Time Methods, .format("pattern"), Change the format of a timestamp. .parse("pattern" Each of the above methods can be used with DateTime variables set in Matillion through Manage Environment Variables. See Using The server time is determined by the instance Matillion ETL is running on. For example, in a Python component: On SQL Server 2005 and older versions, there is no date data-type. So, we have to use some workaround to get the date part from date-time. 1. Using DATEADD and DATEDIFF. One among the common way to get date part from datetime is t use DATEADD along with DATEDIFF to remove the time part of the variable. Here is an example:

4 Datetime Datatypes and Time Zone Support, Oracle's datetime and interval datatypes and time zone support make it possible to If your queries use a date format without a time portion, then you must ensure that the time You can also use interval datatypes to update historical tables. The DATETIME function displays the value of a DATETIME value as a string. Parse this string using string functions to extract and manipulate the time portions of the DATETIME value. The following example code demonstrates how to parse the output of the DATETIME function to display the value in an alternate format.

  • What have you tried so far?
  • I've tried using DATEADD for hour, minutes, seconds, miliseconds, but it doesn't work as expected :/
  • UPDATE t SET c += '17:59:59' should actually just work. This relies on some highly dubious features of T-SQL (the fact that DATETIMEs allow addition and implicit conversions) and will not work for DATETIME2 or DATETIMEOFFSET, but hey.
  • My preferred solution, because this uses a SQL Server function specifically designed for this purpose.