Is it possible to build a vaadin 14 Spring project using gradle?

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When I created and ran it in intellij Idea the following was output from the console and yet node is well configured to use proxy as I initialized a react application a minute ago.

java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to initialize Vaadin DevModeHandler Failed to determine 'npm.cmd' tool. Please install it either:

  • by following the guide to install it globally
  • or by running the frontend-maven-plugin goal to install it in this project: $ mvn com.github.eirslett:frontend-maven-plugin:1.7.6:install-node-and-npm -DnodeVersion="v10.16.0"

yo need the equivalent to front-end-maven-plugin for gradle try it:

// build.gradle
plugins {
    id 'org.siouan.frontend' version '1.1.0'

frontend {
    nodeVersion = '12.14.0'

After that you need compile the project with gradle build command.


Getting Started, The Vaadin Spring add-on allows you to use Vaadin with Spring Boot. Starting a Vaadin Project in NetBeans Starting a Gradle Project Using Vaadin with The easiest way to create an application with Spring Boot and Vaadin is to The derived name will be in lower case, and possible trailing "View" will be removed. Building Vaadin Flow apps with Gradle. Right now Vaadin 10 (a.k.a. Flow) is in Beta stage so this is a good opportunity to start looking into how you can leverage Gradle to build your apps. The architecture for Vaadin 10 has changed significantly, especially when it comes to the client side part of the Vaadin application that previously was

There is now an official Spring Boot example here: . The example uses the official Vaadin Gradle Plugin which has been rewritten from scratch to mimic the Vaadin Maven plugin. No subscription and no payments are required.

Currently the plugin is in alpha state, but all the features are there and the plugin can now be tried out by early adopters.

A complete list of example projects (including non-Spring example projects) can be found here:

Using Vaadin with Spring Boot | Framework, Is it possible to make it work without having NPM + NodeJS installed globally? Output of application startup and my build.gradle files you can find in attachments​. build an executable Jar in Vaadin 14.0.3 NPM Mode with Gradle and Spring  So create a new folder where you would like the project to reside and add the build.gradle file above to the that folder. Open a terminal and move to your project folder. To create a project we are going to use the vaadinCreateProject task. I am going to call my project HelloGradle.

The DS Gradle Vaadin plugin ( provides support Vaadin 14 and NPM / Polymer 3 based builds.

Currently the Vaadin 14 support of the plugin is in beta testing, you can try it out by adding it to your project like so:

plugins {
    id 'com.devsoap.vaadin-flow' version '1.3.1'

Please note that the Vaadin 14 support currently requires a DS PRO subscription (which can be aquired from here).

Tomcat failed to start: SpringBoot + Vaadin 14 npm mode + gradle , Now with Gradle 6.1.1 I'm able to successfully open and build the project. But there's still a problem. Since I use Guice as a DI framework (Guice  Note that the node_modules is populated later: either by Vaadin Servlet when running in development mode, or by build-frontend when building for production. Gradle: use matching version of Vaadin and the Plugin. Use Gradle Plugin 0.6.0 for Vaadin 14.1 and lower; use Gradle Plugin 0.7.0 for Vaadin 14.2 and newer.

Vaadin 14 + Gradle (migration from Vaadin 13), You can use this application example to test the different concepts and features Learn how to build a modern web app with Spring Boot & Vaadin, from  Now that the Dev Soap/John Ahlroos Plugin is commercial (10$ per License and Month) it is really time for offical Gradle support from Vaadin. With a Vaadin 8 gradle project you now have to choose to pay a additional charge to fully use Vaadin 14 or drop Vaadin or Gradle.

Getting Started with Spring and Vaadin | Framework, For existing Vaadin platform projects (versions 10-13), using most Vaadin 14 new The production build consists of creating a Spring Boot Fat Jar and putting it into a For gradle and vaadin 14 (npm mode), you probably need this plugin:  Vaadin 14 also introduces support for new frontend technologies and tools, which change the way the project is built and how frontend dependencies, like web components, are integrated. This is the default starting point for new projects starting from Vaadin 14, and an optional migration to take for existing projects.

Vaadin 14 Migration Guide | Framework, The Gradle build plugin was a community effort (even though it was On the downside, it didn't play well with the latest Vaadin 14 series. If you prefer Gradle to Maven, please try it out and report all issues via the project page. the GWT era and creating number of official and unofficial Vaadin add-ons. If you ran gradle build to build the project now, the build would fail because you have not declared Joda Time as a compile dependency in the build. For starters, you need to add a source for 3rd party libraries.

  • V14 and the Gradle plugin currently only work in compat mode (the bower based, old one). You have to wait for an update of the plugin to support the npm based approach.
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