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I have a LessonGroup model and its tabel name is lesson_groups . if i want to use this table id in another tabel as a foreign key, what column name should i select that Laravel could distinguish it automatically as a foreign key to lesson_group table?

  //foreign key to lesson_groups(what should be the name of this column?)

Below is an excerpt from the Laravel Eloquent Documentation:

Eloquent determines the default foreign key name by examining the name of the relationship method and suffixing the method name with _id.

So for the naming convention to work seamlessly, you would need to have a relation like this defined in your Field model:

public function lesson_group()
    return $this->hasOne('App\LessonGroup');

Laravel Naming Conventions, Make sure to create the foreign key column first! A similar naming convention is used for foreign keys as is used for other indexes  Naming Conventions for models Naming Models in Laravel. A model should be in singular, no spacing between words, and capitalised. For example: User (\App\User or \App\Models\User, etc), ForumThread, Comment.

The issue here is Laravel pluralize the table names from Model name. eg: LessonGroup model will make the table lesson_groups (via Migration). So the proper foreign key field name would be lesson_group_id?

Foreign key constraint naming, We keep table names singular, identifier columns are just "id" (Laravel will use that by default, so it saves us from writing explicit column names), and foreign key​  I just read an awesome article Laravel best practices. But I have question about naming foreign columns in database. For example, I have models Post and User (posts and users tables). Each post has an author - foreign key to users table. Is it good to name that column author_id, or keep Laravel naming rules and name it just user_id.

A good naming convention is the model name with underscores, followed by the id with an underscore. For example, FishingBoat would be fishing_boat_id.

Laravel will automatically assume that the foreign and/or local keys are in this format, unless defined otherwise.

Database: Migrations - Laravel, Migrations are typically paired with Laravel's schema builder to easily build your in your migration files instead of letting Laravel assign a convention based name. Otherwise, the foreign key constraint name will refer to the old table name. Before renaming a table, you should verify that any foreign key constraints on the table have an explicit name in your migration files instead of letting Laravel assign a convention based name. Otherwise, the foreign key constraint name will refer to the old table name. Columns. Creating Columns

Schema Builder - Laravel, First you have to create a new database (with name vinylshop) in phpMyAdmin Laravel (naming) conventions will be made; In Laravel, each database table needs and add the necessary columns and foreign key relation. Primary Table (Employee) Primary Key is called ID Foreign table (Event) Foreign key is called EmployeeID or. 2: Primary Table (Employee) Primary Key is called EmployeeID Foreign table (Event) Foreign key is called EmployeeID I prefer not to duplicate the name of the table in any of the columns (So I prefer option 1 above).

Laravel Conventions, //Migration file to add column naming convention would be "​add_tablename_table". Source: laravel create migration. whatever by Healthy  Based on the answers and comments here, a naming convention which includes the FK table, FK field, and PK table (FK_FKTbl_FKCol_PKTbl) should avoid FK constraint name collisions. So, for the given tables here:

Migrations, I'm using laravel eloquent data objects to access my data, what is the best way to name my tables, columns, foreign/primary keys etc? I found, there are lots of  For example, if I had a Posts table and a Tags table and deleted a Post, I'd no longer want the joining record in the pivot table and since Laravel doesn't delete it automatically I'd need to set a foreign key constraint with ON DELETE CASCADE to delete it.

  • lesson_group_id doesn't work
  • The lesson_groups table will have a column for id. A table that references (i.e. a relation) to a LessonGroup should have a lesson_group_id. See below an example of defining the foreign key constraint.
  • Also: public function lessonGroup() { return $this->hasOne(App\LessonGroup::class); }
  • The convention is to not pluralize the foreign key, so lesson_group_id is the correct one.
  • yes,of course i have done it , but i'm asking about naming convention. lesson_group_id doesn't work
  • When you define the foreign key as above, there is no requirement for the name of the column. The lesson_group_id is a good naming convention. What's not working?
  • i wont to set the name of foreing key column as the second parameter when i'm defining a relation: return $this->belongsTo('App\LessonGroup','lesson_group_id')
  • Eloquent will automatically assume the foreign key to be lesson_group_id. You can keep this as belongsTo('App\LessonGroup')