can we open download folder via. intent?

can we open download folder via. intent?

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requires that you obtain access using action_open_document or related apis
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Actually, I need to open the default Download folder from my application. Is it possible? If yes, then please provide some reference.

I am able to get the path of Download folder with the help of:


Any help will be well appreciated.

You can show the recent downloads activity with the following Intent

startActivity(new Intent(DownloadManager.ACTION_VIEW_DOWNLOADS));

Available since API 9

Android: How to open a specific folder via Intent , LIBRARIES: You can also have a look at these file/directory choosers libraries I can download contents from Dropbox and for Google Drive,  How to Locate and Open the Downloads Folder in Windows 10. The steps in this article were performed on a laptop computer using the Windows 10 operating system. There are several ways that you can find your computer’s Downloads folder, so we will provide a couple of different options.

Samsung solution:

public static void openDownloads(@NonNull Activity activity) {
    if (isSamsung()) {
        Intent intent = activity.getPackageManager()
    else activity.startActivity(new Intent(DownloadManager.ACTION_VIEW_DOWNLOADS));

public static boolean isSamsung() {
    String manufacturer = Build.MANUFACTURER;
    if (manufacturer != null) return manufacturer.toLowerCase().equals("samsung");
    return false;

public static File getDownloadsFile() {
    return Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS);

Found by decompiling the Samsung My Files app dex and seeing how the MainActivity deals with intents.

public static final String MYFILES_NOTIFICATION_LAUNCH_INTENT_NAME = "samsung.myfiles.intent.action.LAUNCH_MY_FILES";
public static final String NOTIFICATION_START_PATH = "samsung.myfiles.intent.extra.START_PATH";
public static final String START_PATH = "FOLDERPATH";

if (Constant.MYFILES_NOTIFICATION_LAUNCH_INTENT_NAME.equals(intent.getAction())) {
                String startNotificationPath = intent.getStringExtra(Constant.NOTIFICATION_START_PATH);
                if (startNotificationPath != null) {
                    Bundle newArgument = new Bundle();
                    newArgument.putString(Constant.START_PATH, startNotificationPath);
                    if (new File(startNotificationPath).exists()) {
                        startBrowser(513, newArgument);

Android: How to open a specific folder via Intent and show its , "; Intent intent = new Intent(); intent. setAction(Intent. ACTION_GET_CONTENT); Uri myUri = Uri. I found solution here can we open download folder via. intent? This code works perfect in my Samsung J7 to open Pictures folder (and others) from internal memory using Samsung default application My files.

I had similar problem showing files in Downloads in Samsung and LG and i just added file-parameter "downloaded" for DownloadManager and file showing in Downloads:

  DownloadManager downloadManager = (DownloadManager) context.getSystemService(Context.DOWNLOAD_SERVICE);
        downloadManager.addCompletedDownload(file.getName(), file.getName(), true,
                "application", file.getPath(), file.length(), true);

How to Find Downloaded Files on Any Android Device, How do you open a file with a different app android? 4 Answers 4 ---Accepted---Accepted---Accepted---public void openFolder() { Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT); Uri uri = Uri.parse(Environment

Open a File in Another App (Android) – Edmodo Help Center, . You can then open, move, rename, copy, delete, and share files as needed. I found a solution in this GitHub repo. The code : If you want open & browse file: FileBrowser.class Intent intent = new Intent(activity, intent.putExtra(Constants.INITIAL_DIRECTORY, File(storageDirPath).absolutePath) intent.putExtra(Constants.ALLOWED_FILE_EXTENSIONS,"*") startActivityForResult(intent, CODE_INTENT )

Android file management: An easy-to-follow guide, Hi Ion Aalbers, thanks for the reply. Is there any way(Intent) to pick the file from Download folder? @abhishekkumargupta What do you want to do with this file? I can't Open Downloads Folder or Access Saved Data on Windows 10, Help! "Hi, this is the first time that I've met this problem - I just couldn't open Windows 10 Downloads folder. I tried to open my Downloads folder but it won't allow me to do so. The Downloads folder doesn't respond no matter how I tried.

android - can we open download folder via. intent?, The SAF makes it simple for users to browse and open documents, images, and other files Cloud or local storage services can participate in this ecosystem by Each storage backend surfaces individual files and directories by you can also use the ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intent, which  The same occurs when trying to open a pdf/movie/mp3 file via this method (pdf says for example that the file is corrupt). BTW: The data that has been stored on the local fs is valid (not corrupt), I downloaded the files from debugger (via pull method) and the files can be opened on my workstation