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I have some very long <option>s in a <select> box but I don't want the box to be so wide. The problem is that the full text can't be read when I style the box smaller. I was thinking about hovering a copy of the text exactly over the option the mouse pointer is over but only if the text is too long to be fully displayed.

However, if I create a new element, say a <p> with jQuery it doesn't have a width until I insert it into the document so I can't decide whether to insert it or not.

Even if I did create it successfully I'm not sure all the styles would be the same.

Is there a way to get this idea working or is there a better way of displaying the complete text of the long <option>s in-place?

what about this?

<select id="muchtextselect">
  <option value="" title="This is some long text text This is some long text text This is some long text text ">This is some long text text This is some long text text This is some long text text </option>
  <option value="">Short Text</option>
  <option value="" title="This is some really, really long text">This is some really, really long text</option>


var maxLength = 15;
$('#muchtextselect > option').text(function(i, c) {
  if (c.length > maxLength) {
    return c.substr(0, maxLength) + '...';  


html select dropdrown width is too big, select{ width: 100px; text-overflow: ellipsis; } [Truncating or showing ellipses for Long option value][1] [1]: SELECTION-SCREEN COMMENT 3(55) text-103. 3(55) - 55 will let you type can change it depending upon the length of your text on selection screen. Double click on the text-103 and type your long text You can try the same with select-option also SELECTION-SCREEN END OF LINE. SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF LINE.

USE style="width:xx%;"


<select name="data"  style="width:50%;">
 <option value="1">Lorem Ipsum</option>
 <option value="3">simply dummy</option>
 <option value="3">text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's</option>

selected items with long text need to overflow better or wrap · Issue , If you select an item, which has text that is wider than the width of the //select2: fixes word text wrap issues on long select values li.select2-selection__choice { max-width: 100%; overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; //use this if you box-​sizing: border-box; white-space: normal; word-wrap: break-word; }. A quirk I ran across yesterday with CSS on a drop down list. The list is disabled and has a width fixed with CSS and is contained in a table cell. The selected option text is wider than the fixed width of the list.

Please use Select2 last version with bootstrap :) i found it in 2 days

{!! Html::style('backend/dist/css/select2.min.css') !!}
{!! Html::style('backend/dist/css/select2-bootstrap.css') !!}
{!! Html::script('backend/dist/js/select2.min.js') !!}

[Solved] Long option element in Select breaks (pushes out) layout , Long option in Select element pushing layout, out. Any ideas? I'll try setting that to 'break-word' with a width on the option and see if it does  select the one with "Same with option text formatting, Select an Address". Notice how the options are formatted and have a border-bottom with each of them. Here is what I tried (Text):-

You can use max-width + text-emphasis css properties. For more information you can check here:

How to display information too long for a select box, I agree: drop down menus that are more than, say, five words wide are cumbersome. Users won't (perhaps can't) read all of the text, and so the  If you select an item, which has text that is wider than the width of the field, in a multi-value select2 field the item extends past the edge of the field. It makes more sense for the item to either wrap or get cut short.

What are alternatives to a large drop down select list?, So, instead of a dropdown, i put a readonly text box, just beside the text input there And the scroll down won't be a very long list, as you've divided the list into 2) characters into a before showing the top m (usually 10) results on a list that  Use the Wrap Text button on the Home tab of Excel 2010 to wrap lengthy text in a cell by displaying it on multiple lines within the cell. This feature helps you to avoid the problem of having to abbreviate text or widen columns in order to display all the text contained within cells.

Word-Wrap in <select> or <option> tags not working, I need to display some VERY long strings of text (titles) within pull-down and scroll form elements <select style="word-wrap:break-word;width:100%;"> <​option>An very large and seemingly Anyone ran up against this or have any ideas? To change the options for the current queries, click Query Options on the Query menu, or right-click in the SQL Server Query window and select Query Options. Maximum Characters Retrieved Enter a number from 1 through 65535 to specify the maximum number of characters that will be displayed in each cell.

word-wrap: break-word CSS for long text options in drop down , The list is disabled and has a width fixed with CSS and is contained in a table cell​. The selected option text is wider than the fixed width of the  Select all the text in the document by hitting Ctrl+A and then use either of those same methods (Ctrl+Shift+H or Font > Hidden) to unhide all hidden text in the entire document (except in headers or footers, which you’ll have to do separately). Click Home > Show/Hide or hit Ctrl+Shift+8 again to hide the formatting marks.

  • If you want to display the text on hover, you could use the option's title
  • this is pretty close to a duplicate of this, especially with the answers given:
  • @J148 I'm doing that for starters but I have to wait for each one to pop-up. I hoping for a nicer solution.
  • @DrCord I need all the text to actually be there. Also it would be difficult to truncate evenly with a variable width font.
  • Thanks for your answer! I'm already using a combination of width and title to get a very similar effect, I just don't like it much!
  • Thanks, but the <select> box is too big if it displays all the text. I need it to be a fixed size.
  • The text-emphasis property is not supported in any of the major browsers. ??? max-width wouldn't help. I need some way of viewing the overly long text, not just hide it.
  • So what do you think about overflow hidden by default and overflow visible on hover ?
  • Have you tried this? I can't find any combination of overflow that will cause the <option> text to display outside of the <select> element.