What does "Permission denied" "Id returned 1 exit status" mean?

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I am taking a class on C, and I'm not very good at it , so I would like to ask you, how do I solve the problem: "Id returned 1 exit status", I have been struggling with it for quite a while, so I would really appreciate your help.

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
  int P, N, NP=0;
  printf("Introduzca en nombre del producto:\n");
    scanf("%f", &N);
  printf("Introduzca en precio del producto:\n");
    scanf("%f", &P);
  if (P <= 1500)
   printf("El producto %d cuesta %d", NP, N);
   return 0;

The full list of errors is:

Permission denied

Id returned 1 exit status

It does not have anything to do with code. Your operating system simply does not allow to modify a file while it is in use, so the compilation (actually, linking, ld is the linker) fails, because compiler can't remove the old executable and place a new one. To solve this, simply close all existing processes running that program.

If that won't work, check your permissions for directory the executable is in, or look for any programs that are currently using it (some systems allow programs to place a lock on a file, so no other program can modify it).

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There's something wrong here:

int N;
scanf("%f", &N);

Your data types do not match.

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I know the problem is already well solved, but I want to offer another perspective for those who are haunted by the bug message

"[Error] Id returned 1 exit status"

So here it is:

If you compile a C/C++ source file with no main function to execute, there will definitely be a bug message saying:

"[Error] Id returned 1 exit status"

But sometimes we just don't need main function in the file, in such a case, just ignore the bug message.

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Alt+F2 in your ide... its sometimes realy helps when you forgeting to close "run" window hah)

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This happened to me when i accidently marked my .exe file read only. When i removed it it worked again. (IDK much about programming but this happened to me mayb it helps someone)

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  • ld is the linker, it means your code failed to link. Paste the full error and it'll be easier to say what actually happened.
  • @Kevin: that's nonsense. A header file doesn't have correspond to any library. It could be a pure macro/type definition file (e.g. stdint.h), correspond to the always-included standard C library (e.g. stdio.h), or be part of your own program (e.g. "program.h").
  • Permission denied? Well, that's your problem...some file ld wants to write isn't writable. This has nothing to do with missing symbols.
  • Once you fix the "Permission denied" problem, you'll need to change the "%f" in both your scanf calls to "%d".
  • I had this error many times, it is fairly common when you compile from command line, without any IDE. You just simply have to close the program, and try again.
  • Right, but he's asking about a linker error. Cannot see one in his code, unless he's hiding something... The most probable candidate is getche, if I have to guess. Surely the linker error mentions the symbol that is not found. @user2755844, you have to give us a clue...
  • what do you mean? I speak mostly spanish, so I don't fully understand what you mean? And nikkie, I swear I'm not hiding anything, not from you, neither from the police XD
  • Oh, you're right, I missed the ld bit. Well, fix that first and then fix the datatypes!
  • @user2755844, I'm not with the police, don't worry... Do you get anything more a few lines above the ld error message?
  • Only one that says, Permission denied Now that I see that, I think that must be the main error
  • Unfortunately this is not even close to solving the issue. The answers that were given years ago should point you in the right direction.
  • Additionally using fflush on an input stream is undefined behaviour.