Gradle suddenly doesn't build Arm8Release any more

gradle compile deprecated
gradle because
gradle force deprecated
gradle upgrade
gradle metadata
gradle classpath
gradle runtime dependencies
gradle ivy dependency

When I say

./gradlew installArm8Release

I get this error:

:app:generateJsonModelArm8Release UP-TO-DATE
:app:externalNativeBuildArm8Release FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':app:externalNativeBuildArm8Release'.
> D:\TestApp\app\.externalNativeBuild\cmake\arm8Release\arm64-v8a\android_gradle_build.json (The system cannot find the file specified)

I believe my Gradle configuration has somehow been corrupted because as you can see it says on :app:generateJsonModelArm8Release that it is up to date but as you can see from the error below android_gradle_build.json isn't there at all.

The following line works fine, though:

./gradlew installArm7Release

It's only Arm8Release that fails although it used to work before. This makes me think that somehow something got corrupted. I have already tried the following:

./gradlew clean
./gradlew cleanBuildCache

All to no avail. It refuses to build the Arm8Release target. I have also tried deleting the .externalNativeBuild directory and running

./gradlew wrapper

again. But it didn't solve the issue either.

I have also rebooted the system to make sure any gradle daemon is gone but the error is still there.

I'm pretty much out of ideas now. All targets are working fine except Arm8Release. What else can I try?

In Android Studio 3.5 (and probably above), that missing file is under a .cxx folder, so deleting the build folder has no effect. Cleaning build doesn't help either. Instead an invalidate cache and restart did the trick for me.

Sudden ClassNotFound exceptions, sometimes , Performing a gradle clean does not fix the problem - but manually deleting ~/.​gradle/caches does. I'm not sure if this already happened with Gradle 2.5 but it  Dependency hell is a big problem for many teams. The larger the project and its dependency graph, the harder it is to maintain it. The solutions provided by existing dependency management tools are insufficient to effectively deal with this issue.

Just for the record: Deleting really everything from my build directory except the source and resource files solved this issue. So it seems like

./gradlew clean
./gradlew cleanBuildCache

doesn't really clean everything...

Avoiding dependency hell with Gradle 6, why the project suddenly doesn't build anymore or what dependency is responsible for an upgrade of another dependency. If you are lucky,  At this stage, gradle doesn’t know enough about your system to make a choice. But for now, this should be enough to get started using gradle. To wrap things up for this guide, here is the completed build.gradle file:

just restart Android Studio, it worked for me.

Gradle build is suddenly failing even though the same version of the , Can the task names be handled differently? I'm afraid that is tough. If gogradle plugin detects other plugin's application and does auto-rename  Make sure Gradle is not set to offline by unchecking button at File>Settings>Gradle>Offline Work. Add this to the top level of your build.gradle, nice to have above dependencies configurations.all { resolutionStrategy.cacheChangingModulesFor 0, 'seconds' }

Mastering Gradle, Gradle. Consider a typical IT company development center scenario. Different teams in the integration or staging environment the situation has suddenly changed. BAS doesn't claim that there will be absolutely no issues or errors, but with  2) In Gradle Enterprise you can host gradle build scans in your own servers. However I have no experience in this and my proposed approach was about the standard Gradle distribution, using Gradle's servers for your build scans. 3) Gradle itself promotes the build scans as the way to deal with most your build problems.

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Gradle suddenly doesn't build Arm8Release any more, Gradle suddenly doesn't build Arm8Release any more. android gradle dependencies gradle module metadata gradle metadata android studio 3.5 issues gradle  This doesn’t mean you have to do a lot of work to create a build. Gradle makes it easy to build common types of project — say Java libraries — by adding a layer of conventions and prebuilt functionality through plugins .

  • Didn't work for me, but maybe for some?