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I want to share folder contents over http. I've installed nginx with autoindex on and configured it to my folder. The problem is it takes me html file with file/folder list, but I want some kind of xml with same information.

Is it possible to do it using standard nginx tools, or should I implement some script to solve this problem?

You have to involve some scripting to make it work. Most what you can get with nginx configuration is custom footer and header.

By the way, developers looks forward to adding xml index module to nginx.

autoindex, autoindex autoindex_exact_size autoindex_format autoindex_localtime For the HTML format, specifies whether exact file sizes should be output in the  The NGINX ngx-http-autoindex-module supports a autoindex_format directive to change the autoindex response from the default html page to xml, json or jsonp. The official documentation is extremely brief about the subject and offers no further explanation or rules regarding the JSON (P) response. Also google offers just a handful of relevant search results, none of which provide further insight or even plain examples.

Starting from version 1.7.9 you can use:

autoindex on;
autoindex_format xml;

See the docs:

Custom autoindex pages with nginx, Using XSLT is possible to customize autoindex's xml output using the xslt module​: div 1048576) < 1"><xsl:value-of select="format-number((@size div 1024),  Sets the format of a directory listing. When the JSONP format is used, the name of a callback function is set with the callback request argument. If the argument is missing or has an empty value, then the JSON format is used. The XML output can be transformed using the ngx_http_xslt_module module.

sudo apt install libnginx-mod-http-fancyindex

fancyindex on;

Fancy Index, possible the generation of file listings like the built-in autoindex module does, but adds a touch of style. Change to the directory which contains the NGINX sources, run the fancy indexes. fancyindex_exact_size off; # Output human-​readable file sizes. } Synopsis; Requirements; Building; Example Enable; Directives. An official read-only mirror of which is updated hourly. Pull requests on GitHub cannot be accepted and will be automatically closed. The

Serving Static Content, In the example below, the root directive is defined for a virtual server. directory listing instead, include the on parameter to the autoindex directive: The output might be like the following, which shows that in the listen queue on port greater than 512 , change the backlog parameter to the NGINX listen directive to match:. The default date format in nginx autoindex HTML directory listings is 19-Jun-2019. Can I change it to ISO YYYY-MM-DD format instead?

Enabling the Nginx Directory Index Listing, Learn how to easily enable the Nginx directory index listing using the index Once that change is made, restart your Ngin x server sudo service nginx restart . Nginx should display the exact file sizes of the output in the directory index or An example of a location directive using all four autoindex options  The ngx_http_autoindex_module provides users with an easy to use method that allows them to display a directory listing whether there is an index.html present or not. This can be quite useful if you want to show the Nginx directory index listing for many directories but don't want to go through the process of creating an index file for each one.

DvdKhl/ngx_http_autols_module: Flexible nginx auto index , To achieve this, the output is generated by a user definable template, which can All of the above but change parts of it via nginx config with the same template. Autoindex write in PHP. & Nginx custom autoindex with XSLT(use xslt_stylesheet). - osnosn/autoindex

  • Just to clarify - I'm assuming you mean 'version 1.7.9 of the autoindex module'. As of Jan 2015, the latest version of nginx is 1.4.7