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EDITED CODE/QUESTION. BEGININVOKE IS NOT LONGER ON THE TABLE. I'm having trouble getting a SaveFileDialog to show its dialog. When I call ShowDialog normally I get no response at all. The code falls through and acts like the SFD was never called in the first place. I also tried running this inside another thread. Same problem. When I run it inside the main_load() routine everything works fine. I'm using .NET 4.0. I get the feeling this is happening because I'm calling the SFD code as part of an process exited event. MessageBox.Show() works fine!!! My sample code is shown below. Does anyone know what could be causing this error? Thanks!

    procConvert.Exited += new EventHandler(ConversionExited);//inside another routine

    private void ConversionExited(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
        //works fine
        MessageBox.Show("OverWrite old Gcode file " + NewGcodeName, "Warning File Exist",MessageBoxButtons.YesNoCancel,MessageBoxIcon.Question,MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1);//works fine

        SaveFileDialog SFD = new SaveFileDialog();
        SFD.Filter = "text files (*.gcode)|*.gcode|All files (*.*)|*.*";  //set up filter for gcode and all

        DialogResult result = SFD.ShowDialog();                           //show dialog

        if (result != DialogResult.OK) return;
        NewGcodeName = SFD.FileName;
        if (File.Exists(NewGcodeName + "1")) File.Delete(NewGcodeName + "1");//erase the destination
        System.IO.File.Move(NewGcodeName, NewGcodeName + "1");//copy to backup location, smart thing to do would be to make like 5 backups then toss 
        catch(Exception ex)
          //handle exception

You're using the SaveFileDialog on a different thread from the one it was created on. This is not allowed.

For a start, you could put the first two lines and the NewGcodeName = SFD.FileName; inside the delegate definition. But then you'll still have the problem that BeginInvoke is intentionally asynchronous, so your delegate won't have finished running by the time you try to use the result variable. To solve this problem, try using Invoke instead of BeginInvoke.

Edit: this answer assumes that the code shown is running on a different thread from the GUI. If it's not, this answer makes no sense, but then I'd ask why you're using BeginInvoke at all...

Edit 2: after reading your question and the comments more carefully, I realize that these problems (though they need to be addressed) aren't actually what's causing the error message you posted. That error message is telling you that the Form or other Control in whose class this code is running hasn't been shown yet (doesn't have a window handle). You'll need to fix that, too, to have a working solution., Unlike other Windows Forms controls, a SaveFileDialog does not have and not need ShowDialog method displays the SaveFileDialog. in your Program.cs, make sure the Main method is decorated with this [STAThread], if you have that already, i think you are showing your form from another thread : Thread t = new Thead (new ThreadStart (() => Application.Run (new Form2());

The issue was the thread. Somehow C# knew that I was calling the SFD from an exiting routine even when I started another thread. I ran everything from a timer task routine with a flag to turn the SFD on/off and everything ran perfectly. Thanks for all the help everyone.

SaveFileDialog In C#, If this property is not set or the folder does not exist, then My Documents is enumerated. To display an Open or Save file dialog box, call the ShowDialog method  Original Title: Save As and Open dialog boxes are not showing folders. When I Save As in any program (Word, Powerpoint, Adobe) the dialog box no longer looks like it used to and I can't see folders or a navigation pane. I've attached a screen shot of an example. I am using Windows 8.1.

Please format your code better. It's hart to read it.

And why would you use BeginInvoke here?

The problem is that you call BeginInvoke before the form/control is actually created (I guess you call it inside the constructor). Try to move your code to a location which is called after the form/control is created or remove the BeginInvoke.

Microsoft.NET Compact Framework: Kick Start, Gets or sets a value indicating whether the dialog box displays a warning if the user specifies a file name that does not exist. 3. CheckPathExists. Gets or sets a  Open and Save As Dialog Boxes not working Windows 10- open and save dialog boxes not working for all applications and browsers. when I click save/open/browse it shows nothing. how can I fix this? I tried sfc/scannow but didn't help.

You can try this example for .ShowDialog()

in your class

private object sync_temp = new object();

and in thread method

SaveFileDialog save = new SaveFileDialog();
// your code to do with "save"
DialogResult result = DialogResult.None;
Action ac = () => { lock (sync_temp) {  result = save.ShowDialog(); } };
lock (sync_temp)
   if(result == DialogResult.Ok)

VB.Net - SaveFileDialog Control, Property Description cheCkPathEXiStS Indicates whether the dialog displays a not actually open and read a file, the SaveFileDialog control does not actually  As Boolean = dlg.ShowDialog() ' Process save file dialog box results If result = True Then ' Save document Dim filename As String = dlg.FileName End If Remarks The following figure shows a SaveFileDialog for Windows Vista.

This is a somewhat lousy answer, but I had this problem on a W10 machine that would just spin and spin. It may have had something to do with the initial directory that the dialog was pointed to. Restarted the PC, and things are much improved. Not the answer I'd want, but maybe the answer you need.

Beginning VB.NET, Once you have mastered the SaveFileDialog as a control, you will not have any dialog displays a warning if the user specifies a filename that does not exist. When executing a command in AutoCAD that normally displays a file selection dialog box (such as OPEN, SAVEAS, RECOVER, HATCH, XATTACH, MAPIINSERT, or SCRIPT), a command-line prompt displays instead. In some cases, nothing happens at all when entering a command that should provide a dialog window. The FILEDIA system variable is set to 0 (zero). The dialog is positioned in an XY location which

Beginning Visual Basic 2015, Example 1: Show a save file dialog. C#; VB.NET. RadSaveFileDialog saveFileDialog = new RadSaveFileDialog(); DialogResult dr = saveFileDialog. Hi- We just had 2012 installed a couple of weeks ago and mine was working fine until a couple of days ago. Suddenly, when I hit the "OPEN" icon to open a drawing, I know longer get the dialog box. It prompts me in the command line for the name of the file I want to open. It does the same thing wh

RadSaveFileDialog| File Dialogs, The SaveFileDialog will help you select a location and a filename when you wish The extension will be based on the selected filter, unless that's not possible,  The Silverlight plug-in does not support SaveFileDialog in full-screen mode. In most cases, displaying the dialog box in full-screen mode will cause the plug-in to revert to embedded mode. However, to avoid issues on some browsers, you should exit full-screen mode before using these classes.

The SaveFileDialog, It is all mostly working except when I use the SaveFileDialog the popup window is hidden behind the excel window, on the first attempt only (following attempts,  Accept Solution Reject Solution. Hide Copy Code. The problem is that the MSI thread is running as an MTA thread, but the FileDialog.ShowDialog requires an STA thread. To achieve this you will need to start a STA background thread and call the dialog from that thread.