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'strapi' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
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I am new to strapi and want to start it on development mode. Below are steps I have followed so far

git clone
cd strapi
npm run setup

but then while generating a project somewhere else using the development mode: i am getting error on running below command as

'strapi' is not recognized as an internal or external command operable program or batch file.

strapi new myDevProject --dev

any help? I have uninstalled strapi global as documentation pointed. Anything I am missing. Do I need to install non global version of strapi in the same directory.


After pull repository and install strapi@beta globally you need generate new project by command like in the bellow instructions:

  1. Create a new project

    strapi new my-project
  2. Start your project

    cd my-project
    strapi develop


I proposse you read Quick Start Guide

Cannot Start Project In Development Mode · Issue #1768 · strapi , monogodb v4.0.1 Operating system: macOS High Sierra What is the current behavior? Trying to start the strapi in plugin development mode, . Install strapi cd repositories/strapi && npm run setup:build; In another folder create a dev app mkdir sandbox && cd sandbox && strapi new my-app --dev; Usually I remove the settings-manager in dev mode so webpack doesn't complain : cd my-app && rm -r plugins/settings-manager; Launch the servers : cd my-app && strapi start

You can install Strapi globally in your machine using npm without the need of pulling the repo manually:

npm install -g strapi@beta

Restart your terminal, then run:

strapi new [project_name] --quickstart

Then your project will start automatically :)

Development mode not working · Issue #415 · strapi/strapi · GitHub, Node.js version: 8.6.0 npm version: 5.6.0 Strapi version: 3.0.0-alpha.7.2 Operating system: Windows 10 Development mode #1 — Install its  System Node.js version: 13.2.0 NPM version: 6.13.1 Strapi version: 18.2 beta Database: MongoDB Operating system: MacOS Catalina 10.15.2 Steps to reproduce the problem: I did a fresh install of Strapi beta 18.2 (lastest) strapi new demo-p

please proceed the following steps:

step1 - open node.js command prompt and type -> npm install strapi@alpha g

step2 - strapi new (anyName_You_want_toGive) --quickstart

(remove the brackets)

it should look like

strapi new anyName_You_want_toGive --quickstart

thats all.


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  • It sounds to me that you might need to setup your path to find Strapi. How to update your path is different depending on your operation system. e.i. PATH=$PATH:/path/to/strapi/bin