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I have a sheet(tab)name called "data", the sheetcodename is also "data" When I use;

Cells(rij, "K") = Worksheets("data").Cells(1, "F")

It works fine but when I use;

Cells(rij, "I") = data.Cells(1, "F")

It gives an error.

You could follow the below:

Option Explicit

Sub test()

    Dim str As String

    'Get the value of the cell using Tab name
    str = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("data").Range("A1").Value

    'Get the value of the cell using Code name
    str = data.Range("A10").Value

End Sub

Changing worksheet CodeName generates error(s), Reference: http://www.excelforum.com/excel-programming/714065-get-sheet- Now on the first run of the macro it generates an error: This fails to rename the Hey, OCD, I think the link that shg gave said you had to know what you were  This will give you a circular reference warning. This is because you want to sum the values in cell A1:A6, and the result should be in cell A6. This creates a loop as Excel just keeps on adding the new value in cell A6, which keeps on changing (hence, a circular reference loop).

Why don't you do :

Dim MySheet As worksheet

Set MySheet = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1)

Cells(rij, "K") = MySheet.Cells(1, "F")

Cells(rij, "I") = MySheet.Cells(rij, "K")

Preventing Problems With Worksheet Renaming, This may cause code to throw a run time error or cause the code's logic to perform However, the sheet object is known to VBA by its CodeName property. is sheet code name, and the name, which appears on the sheet tab in Excel, is the such proprety that will give you a Worksheet object from a CodeName property. Free VBA Quickstart Guide. Learning VBA could help you automate your mundane tasks, and give you more time to focus on what’s important

If You declare and set "data" it will work:

Dim data As Worksheet

Set data = Sheets("data")

Cells(rij, "I") = data.Cells(1, "F")


If You got 1 sheet You can easily go with:

Dim data As Worksheet

Set data = ThisWorkbook.Sheets(1)

Cells(rij, "I") = data.Cells(1, "F")

Problem with codename: Sheet1, Hello, I am new to VBA, but enjoying the (steep) learning curve! I am using MS Excel 2010 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Suppose you have a new workbook with the usual worksheets, where codename Sheet1 refers to "Sheet1" fails with the error "Compile error: method or data member not found": (5). I have been running several Excel 2013/32bit VBA macros daily, on scheduled task, without issue. When I activate the "power query" add-in, and change nothing else, the macros hang with the following

I know the problem and have the solution. I had declared several variables.

'Public cainA As Worksheet
'Public data As Worksheet
'Public eindblad As Worksheet

Sub reken(rij, kol, kolnaam)
Application.EnableEvents = False
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

And now made these as comments. Now it works.

Thanks for all your support.

Can not reference sheet , through Sheet's Code Name, But "Run Time Error 429", "Activex Component Can't Create Object" displayed every time. Hope there are some (3) http://www.ozgrid.com/VBA/excel-vba-​sheet-names.htm As this function returns a worksheet object CodeNames can make your code immune to sheet renaming, but could crash Excel or stop VBA dead in its tracks, if a sheet is deleted. Sheet CodeNames cannot be renamed inside locked projects! The codename of a newly created sheet cannot be used, until the project is re-compiled.

VBA Codenames, Sheet CodeName is 'Sales'; User renames the worksheet to 'Sales-2013' Worksheet deleted from Excel by user: Compile Error - VBA code won't run at all !! Hi everyone! I have an interesting problem that I hope someone can give me an idea on how to handle: If I try any set operations to for example an Excel.Range when I have start to mark a range of cells and havent finished by releaseing the mouse button, I get a COMException HRESULT 800AC472.

Excel VBA: Getting an error when using worksheet codename , Excel VBA: I get a compile error when using worksheet codename references in my workbook, but not when using sheets ("tab name"). This will give you 90° in radians. You’ll later write a simple function to calculate the sine of that angle. The input below will need the sine of an angle as the input. The sine of 90° is 1, so just enter 1 for sin(x). Next, open the VBA editor with Alt-F11. Right-click the workbook and insert a module.

VBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems with , In the figure, for example, there is one worksheet listed as Sheet1 (Data). In fact​, as soon as you type a worksheet's code name and then a period, you CodeName = "wsData" Then However, the following line produces an error. In later examples where an application involves several Excel files (for example, files with  MS Excel Stands for. Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic for Applications.

  • You can find the appropriate sheet names and codenames in the project explorer. Codename(SheetName). You can directly reference codenames, but you have to reference the worksheetnames like your first piece of code.
  • What is the error?
  • Error 91 during execution: Object variable or block variable With is not set
  • Then data is not an sheet codename that actually exists.
  • See this link: ccvd.eu/i/vba.jpg
  • I will use the codename because the user can change the tab name.
  • @Con I edited my code so you don't use sheets name, Does it work ?
  • If OP is worried about user changing tab name, they will be even more concerned about user moving sheet on different position :-)
  • @buran then there ls no viable solution as far as i know ;)
  • that is why they want to use CodeName instead - the most difficult for user to change it, although not impossible :-) The question is why it don't work as it should
  • This does not work if the users change the tab name