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Is possible to disable ListView Scroll if page don't overflow the screen size?

I always use ListView to avoid overflow the screen, but when the content of the page is smaller than screen I can see the end scroll animation, how can i disable the scroll in this cases, and able to scroll if the screen size is small??

I think the best way to do this is to use a SingleChildScrollView:

This widget is useful when you have a single box that will normally be entirely visible, for example a clock face in a time picker, but you need to make sure it can be scrolled if the container gets too small in one axis (the scroll direction).

And instead of using a ListView just use a Column and place it inside of the SingleChildScrollView:

        child: Column(
            mainAxisSize: MainAxisSize.min,
            children: <Widget>[/**/],

Or if you need to use ListView for some reason, you can use shrinkWrap with NeverScrollableScrollPhysics:

        child: ListView(
            shrinkWrap: true,
            physics: NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),
            children: <Widget>[/**/],

Disable scrolling of a ListView contained within a ScrollView, OnTouchListener() . if you have to show limited number of items in list view and want to stop list view from scrolling then you must keep listview height greater then the items total height. for example you want to show 3 items. (height of row is 30). 52. You can remove the ScrollViewer from a ListBox by changing its control template to something much simpler: <ListBox> <ListBox.Template> <ControlTemplate> <ItemsPresenter /> </ControlTemplate> </ListBox.Template> </ListBox>. However, I question the value of nesting ListBoxes.

You can set the scroll physics property on the ListView, which will disable scrolling:

shrinkWrap: true,
physics: NeverScrollableScrollPhysics(),

You can also switch between enabling or disabling scrolling at runtime if you have to via some condition like so:

shrinkWrap: true,
physics: disableScrolling ? NeverScrollableScrollPhysics() : 

[Feature] ListView enable/disable scrolling · Issue #2892 , Hey NativeScript community Often it is very useful using a ListView as layout or structure inside a view e.g. for a little settings view. The problem  if you have to show limited number of items in list view and want to stop list view from scrolling then you must keep listview height greater then the items total height. for example you want to show 3 items. (height of row is 30). then items total height becomes 3 x 30dp = 90dp,

Unless that scroll view needs to use the parent's PrimaryScrollController, setting the ListView's primary property to false will result in the scroll view scrolling only if there is enough content.

property documentation:

Whether this is the primary scroll view associated with the parent PrimaryScrollController.

When this is true, the scroll view is scrollable even if it does not have sufficient content to actually scroll. Otherwise, by default the user can only scroll the view if it has sufficient content. See physics.

On iOS, this also identifies the scroll view that will scroll to top in response to a tap in the status bar.

Defaults to true when scrollDirection is Axis.vertical and controller is null.

Disable the scrolling of list and allow the whole page to scroll, Hi i am currently working on an android application in it has list view inside the main activity. what i want is disable the scrolling of list and allow the whole page​  Scrolling in Xamarin ListView (SfListView) Programmatic scrolling. The SfListView allows programmatically scrolling based on the index by using the Scrollbar visibility. The SfListView provides an option to enable or disable the Scrollbar visibility by using the ListView with full height. The

How to get a non scrollable ListView?, I should want a non scrollable ListView and show the entire ListView Its because my entire screen is a ScrollView and to disable scrolling you can use listview. You can specify the visibility of the scrollbar for both vertical and horizontal scrolling to four options, using the ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility and ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility attached properties: Auto, Disabled, Hidden and Visible. <ListView ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Disabled">

Disable scrolling in listview, Disable scrolling in listview. I have a list view and depending on some logic I want to temporary disable the scrolling. view.setOnScrollListener(null);  Remarks. A linear search is done for the item, so if the same reference appears multiple times in the list, the first item will be scrolled to. This includes if grouping is enabled.

Disable scrolling in Android ListView, Disable scrolling in Android ListView Let's say you want to make a static list view, perhaps because all the items in the list fit on the screen  A while ago, I wrote an article on the basics of using a ListView and GridView in Flutter.This article is meant as a more detailed exploration on the ListView class, ScrollPhysics and tweaks and

  • Perfect, the singleChildScrollView works exactly like i want.