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I have the same file with quarterly data saved in different folders corresponding to the quarter. In other words, a quarter 1 folder, quarter 2 , quarter 3, quarter 4. This is the only difference in the file path. I am looking to read all four files in and concatenate them into one database. I can do this manually using a version of the simplified code below and changing the period each time.

period = ‘Q1’

filepath = ‘filepath/’ + period

file = filepath + ‘/file.xls’

df = pd.read_excel(file)

I would like to automate it with some form of for loop (I assume). That loops through the 4 periods, reads the file into a database and then concatenates. I have read other answers as to how this can be done with files in the same folder. But am struggling to do it where the file path changes. Manually putting the files into the same folder is not a desirable solution.

I tried making period a tuple and a list containing all 4 periods then a simple for loop but this didn’t work. I got the following error message.

TypeError: Can't convert 'list' object to str implicitly

Greatly appreciate any advice.

How about you first use list comprehension to get a list of all files:

periods= ["Q1", "Q2", "Q3", "Q4"]
files = ["filepath/"+ p + "/file.xls" for p in periods]

and then load them all into a list of data frames with

dfs = []
for f in files:
    df = pd.read_excel(f)

How to read multiple images from multiple folders in python, How do I read multiple files from multiple folders in Python? Suppose you have data stored in different files on daily basis. You want to read thses files into python dataframes and concatenate those frames into a single dataframe later. In such situation, you can use glob function to find files based on pattern. We can use various Wildcards to specify a pattern we are looking for.

You can use these loops to create full file paths and to iterate over them to create one DataFrame containing all the files.

filepath = 'path/'
file = 'file.xlsx'

files = []
for p in periods:

data = []
for f in files:

df = pd.concat(data)

How to read multiple data files into pandas, How do I read multiple images from multiple folders in Python? Working with many files in pandas Dealing with files Opening a file not in your notebook directory. You can use relative paths to use files not in your current notebook directory. Usually this means “start from the current directory, and go inside of a directory, and then find a file in there.”

You probably want something like this:

periods = ['Q1', 'Q2', 'Q3', 'Q4']

df = None
for period in periods:
    filepath = 'filepath/' + period
    file = filepath + '/file.xls'
    if df is None:
        df = pd.read_excel(file)

Elegantly Reading Multiple CSVs Into Pandas - Kade Killary, How do I read multiple CSV files from a directory in Python? I have yearly data files in different folders. each file contains daily data ranging from Jan 1 to Dec 31. Data files name is looks like AS060419.67 where last four digit represent year i.e. 1967 and 0604 is folder name. I tried to read these multiple files by using the code (below), but it reads only for last year data in last folder

You could try something like this:

complete_df = pd.DataFrame()
for i in range(1,5):
  quarter = 'Q'+str(i)
  filepath = 'filepath/' + quarter
  file = filepath + '/file.xls'
  df = pd.read_excel(file)
  complete_df = complete_df.append(df)

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pandas-multi · PyPI, Thank you soooo much for this. How can files from multiple folder be read?Duration: 4:41 Posted: 5 Oct 2018 Pandas functions for reading the contents of files are named using the pattern .read_<file-type>(), where <file-type> indicates the type of the file to read. You’ve already seen the Pandas read_csv() and read_excel() functions.