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I have 2 columns in a sheet that are referencing another dynamic sheet which has new rows added at the top all the time.

I want column A to be a copy of column A in Sheet1, so this works to put in cell A1:


However, I want column B to a formula applied to every row in column B of Sheet1. Problem is, when I put in a a formula, e.g.


then it changes to


when 29 new rows added

I want it to stay as B1, but it won't. If I use an absolute reference $B$1 then I can't copy the formula down the column.

Any wizards out there to help me out?

If you want to get the matching row from a column of another worksheet, then use INDEX and ROW, like so:

=FORMULA(INDEX(Sheet1!$B:$B, ROW(), 1))

This will always return the value in Column B of Sheet1, on the same Row as the formula is in on Sheet2 - even if you insert rows at the top of Sheet1

Relative & Absolute Cell References in Excel, How do you keep a cell reference constant in Google Sheets? Mixed Cell Reference(Keeping row/column constant in an excel formula) As the name suggests mixed cell reference is a mix of Relative and Absolute cell references. It helps to keep one variable constant with other one changing. In a mixed cell reference either the row or the column remains unchanged.

You can do "partially absolute reference" (I don't know the correct way of saying this).

You can lock only the column so would be =$A1 which means that it will never change the column but when you drag down the formula, it will change to =$A2, =$A3...

Or you can lock only the row typing =A$1 This way it will be locked on the row only.

You can do this also by pressing F4 several times: 1 time will lock both, the 2nd time will lock the row only, the 3rd time the column only and the 4th time will delete the locking.

How to prevent cut and paste data changing references in formulas , How do you copy a formula in Google sheets without changing cell references? To keep a constant value in Excel use the following steps: Create a cell with the constant value you want to reference; Create a formula in a cell that performs your calculation; In the formula where you reference the value you created in step 1, add a “$” before the letter (representing the column) and number (representing the row).

the proper way would be to use INDIRECT like:


How can I keep references to changing spreadsheet constant , How do you retain the original value when a referenced cell changes in Excel? How to prevent cell reference in a formula from incrementing /changing in Excel? For example you have a list of numbers, and you need to calculate each number’s percentage of their total. After typing the formula =A2/SUM(A2:A15) into Cell B2 and then drag Fill Handle down to other cells, the references are incrementing as below screenshots shown.

Can I prevent down-fill from incrementing *every* cell reference in a , If you want to get the matching row from a column of another worksheet, then use INDEX and ROW , like so: =FORMULA(INDEX(Sheet1!$B:$B  If you want to prevent Excel from changing the cell references when copying cells, you need to use absolute references. To create an absolute reference, insert a dollar sign ($) before both parts of the cell reference in the formula you want to freeze, as illustrated in the following image.

How to keep formula cell reference constant in Excel?, You use a $ sign in front of the part that you want to remain constant, $A1 = constant column, A$1 = constant row, $A$1 = fixed position. You can quickly rotate through the various possibilities using the F4 function key. (On some computers, you may need to hold Fn and press the function key for it to work.) I know that to keep a constant cell reference, I can use the dollar sign, but I want m formula to change the sheet reference so that I can just drag the formula across. For example, I have the months Jan-Dec listed across in a spreadsheet from cell B1 to N1.

How to keep certain values constant in Excel formulas: Cell , If you do not want cell references to change when you copy a formula, then make those Dollar signs are used to hold a column and/or row reference constant. Excel Formula - how to keep a reference cell constant? if you are extending a formula down through several rows, how to you keep one of the variables/cells constant. i.e. you want to mulitply the number in each row by the number at the top of the chart. when extending the formula I don't want that top cell reference to change.