Error 'tunneling socket' while executing npm install

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I'm getting the error shown below while trying to execute 'npm install' command.

Error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=connect ECONNREFUSED

What do I miss?

If you are behind a proxy, set it correctly in npm.

>npm config set proxy http://proxyhost:proxyport
>npm config set https-proxy http://proxyhost:proxyport


  1. For SSL/https proxies, the protocol in URL should be http not https

  2. If your set up is on a Docker/Vagrant instance or a hosted VM, use IP address instead of hostname for proxy as the later might not be resolvable.

  3. If there is no proxy , remove proxy config from npm

    >npm config set proxy null
    >npm config set https-proxy null

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according to this it's proxy isssues, try to disable ssl and set registry to http instead of https . hope it helps!

npm config set registry=
npm config set strict-ssl false

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I know this is way too late but if someone has a similar issue in the future and you are sure you have no proxy set but you have an environment variable called http_proxy. Please delete it and try again. I had set a proxy for Fiddler.

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Following commands may solve your issue:

npm config set proxy false
npm cache clean

It solved my same issue.

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Removing the proxy settings resolved the issue:

If you are no using any proxy:

npm config rm proxy
npm config rm https-proxy

If you are using Proxy:

npm config set proxy http://proxyhostname:proxyport
npm config set https-proxy http://proxyhostname:proxyport

Hopefully this will solve your problem :)

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