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I am developing a project with next.js9. I have some problems and questions. I would like to deploy my next.js 9 project to AWS lambda.

  1. official next.js 9 doc tell me "each page in the pages directory becomes a serverless lambda." Above library is not working like doc. How can I deploy from each page to each lambda?

  2. What is reasonable solution to deployment? please someone who use nextjs 9 in production level help me.

  3. I am using this library it's working well. but all options are fixed. I would like to deploy my project to Tokyo region. but I have no idea how to change region. always deploy to N. virginia region. I already checked doc but I think they don't have options. and test like this yml file.


  component: serverless-next.js
region: ap-northeast-1

but it was not working. if someone know how to change region with serverless-next.js. Please help me.

Thank you in advance

There is a webpack plugin, that can help next-aws-lambda-webpack-plugin.

  1. This plugin generate for each page a directory with the serverless code of the Next.JS
  2. This plugin do not use Serverless framwork so you can use native AWS deployment solution for your infrastructure like : AWS SAM ou AWS cloudformation for your deployment and benefit from AWS support.
  3. With AWS native solution deployment you are free to choose any wanted region.

Serverless Next.js At The Edge, Deploy Next.js on AWS Lambda@Edge for global, fast server-side rendered react applications, and easily interact with All features of next 9 are supported:. Deploy Next.js on AWS. Step 9: Click on Create Environment and wait for a few minutes to let AWS set up everything for you.. Note: Don’t worry if your application Health status shows Severe

this plugin you're using for deployment is using lambda@edge and this operates region-less:

Lambda@Edge is an extension of AWS Lambda, a compute service that lets you execute functions that customize the content that CloudFront delivers. You can author Node.js or Python functions in one Region, US-East-1 (N. Virginia), and then execute them in AWS locations globally that are closer to the viewer, without provisioning or managing servers. Lambda@Edge scales automatically, from a few requests per day to thousands per second.

If you like to have more flexibility in you serverless deployment, use the webpack plugin that is mentioned here in the thread:

Together with the serverless framework you can define manually, for every NextJs page, a lambda function (not Lambda@Edge) and deploy it to you AWS account in your region.

Next.js & Lambda @ Edge with Serverless Components (Free Video , Hi, let's install a Next.js application and go ahead and deploy it in AWS using the serverless components feature of the Serverless Framework. We'll start by getting​  To deploy AWS Lambda you need to configure AWS account: $ serverless config credentials --provider aws --key {your access key id} --secret {your secret access key} If you do not have an AWS

  1. I don't still have idea.

2,3. serverless-next.js is a little reasonable. I made issue github. Contributor answer me like following. I understood the concept of the framework.

Deploying Next.js on AWS Lambda - DEV, A walkthrough of deploying Next.Js applications on Lambda with a working code example. Tagged with serverless, nextjs, devops, react. But I would like to know if next.js applications are typically deployed in this way (a node server host both the api service and the next.js app). Or does it make sense to have one service host the next.js app and another service host the rest api endpoints. e.g. Next.js is hosted on lambda edge; Api service hosted on api-gateway (+ lambda

Support AWS Lambda as target serverless · Issue #6173 · vercel , As a reference point for others, our AWS Lambda deployment via serverless tool Their platform is serverless as of Now 2.0 and can deploy Next.js and other platforms to WestonThayer mentioned this issue on Sep 9, 2019. AWS Lambda Deployment: Choosing Between Serverless Framework and ClaudiaJS By Julien Bras 9 juin 2020 juin 22nd, 2020 No Comments Accueil > Blog > Technique et Ingénierie > AWS Lambda Deployment: Choosing Between Serverless Framework and ClaudiaJS

Deploying Serverless App with Next.js 8, AWS Lambda and CircleCI, But in this article, I will introduce a deployment to AWS Lambda. Follow the steps to deploy: Set up Next.js; Install Serverless framework; Install  The AWS Toolkit for JetBrains creates a corresponding AWS CloudFormation stack for the deployment, and adds the function name to the Lambda list in AWS Explorer. If the deployment fails, you can try to figure out why by viewing event logs for the stack .

Build a Serverless application using NextJS 9 and Serverless , using NextJs 9 and Serverless Framework, and deploying it on AWS lambda, API Gateway and Zeit now. I have used Amazon Dynamo… The project is the Serverless Next.js Component which you can use with the Serverless Framework to deploy Next.js apps to AWS Lambda@Edge functions in every CloudFront edge location across the globe. These Lambda@Edge functions do server-side rendering of your website pages, as close as possible to your end users, providing very low latency.