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I have to iterate a array with for loop to find it contains specific words in it and add that in listbox String[] result= ["vicky","vinay@","google@","hello"]

For (l=0 ; l<= result.length; l++)

What this does is it gets only first found value I am not getting second value?

You need an ordering column for your data. Let me assume that you have one.

First add the new column:

alter table t add column id int;

Note: id is a really bad name for a column that can be null. Then:

with toupdate as (
      select t.*,
             row_number() over (partition by col1 order by <ordering col>) as seqnum
      from t
update toupdate
    set id = (case when col1 = 1 then seqnum end);

Strictly speaking, you don't need to update the values when col1 = 0, because the default value is NULL. However, in case you want a different value there, I am leaving out the where col1 = 1.

C# IF/Else Array, You can do it in one statement: for (int i = 0; i < array.Length; i++) { if (array[i] >= 2 && array[i] < 4) { Console.WriteLine(array[i]); } }. An important advantage of arrays in C# is the ability to use a for loop or foreach loop to cycle through the elements of the array. Suppose you have declared an array of integers and you want to know which variable contains a specific value. Because your data is structured in an array, you can loop through the array’s elements in order to find the value you are interested in. For Loop Through Array. There are two approaches for looping through the elements of an array.

You can simulate a partial identity column, but you won't be able to incorporate an actual IDENTITY column to the table that works conditionally.

If you just need to update a new column with an incremental value, you can just use a ROW_NUMBER() over a filtered SELECT:

        GeneratedID = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY (SELECT NULL)) -- Determine your order here
        YourTable AS T
        T.Col1 IS NOT NULL
    ID = C.GeneratedID
    CTE AS C

C#, One thing we must know that before using foreach loop we must declare the 10 using foreach loop we need to declare // an array or a collection of size 10 and variable which will iterate the loop condition (for example, for(int i=0; i<10;i++), else if (g == '4' ). n++;. else. p++;. } Console.WriteLine( "Number of '1' = {0}" , m);. Statement 1 sets a variable before the loop starts (int i = 0). Statement 2 defines the condition for the loop to run (i must be less than 5). If the condition is true, the loop will start over again, if it is false, the loop will end. Statement 3 increases a value (i++) each time the code block in the loop has been executed.

Your query should be like below :

 update <table_name> set id=1 where Col1=1;
 update <table_name> set id=null where Col1=0;

C# IF, Switch, For, While Loop Statements Tutorial [Examples], If an expression evaluates to true, then it will run one set of statements else it will C# Fundamentals - Data Type, Arrays, Variables and Operators & Enumeration If you have multiple expressions that need to be evaluated in one shot, then  C# includes several loops including the for loop, the do-while loop, and the while loop. All of these are common in C# programming. We then discuss arrays, which are variables that are used often with loop structures. We'll show you how to loop through array values and display them to your users. The For Loop

A Comprehensive Walkthrough of C# Iterative Statements Part 2, The for statement is composed of initializer , condition It decides whether it should continue looping or exit loop. Since we have learned the mechanism of for loop, it is time to solve an example problem: 1 2 3 4 5 "kitchen", "toilet"}; // loop variable i presents the index of tasks array for (int i = 0; i < tasks. The for loop executes the block of code repeatedly. The for loop has three steps: initialization, condition and increment/decrement. The for loop can use control variable of any numeric data type. Use break keyword to stop the execution and exit from for loop. Nested for loop is allowed in C#.

C# For Loop, If the condition is true , the loop will start over again, if it is false , the loop will end. Statement 3 You will learn more about Arrays in the C# Arrays chapter. The for loop iterates through the members of the array. (Yes, you can have arrays of any sort of object, not just of simple types such as double and string.) students.Length contains the number of elements in the array. C# provides another loop, named foreach, designed specifically for iterating through collections such as the array. It works

C# foreach statement, Beginning with C# 7.3, if the enumerator's Current property returns a At any point within the foreach statement block, you can break out of the loop by a ref iteration variable to set the value of each item in a stackalloc array. It should start from the if statement followed by else or else-if statements. Only one else statement is allowed in the if-else chain. Multiple else-if statements are allowed in a single if-else chain. Nested if-else statement is allowed.

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