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I'm trying to get report data through Apple Search Ads API. So I use the method -H ...\ -d "@TestSearchTermReport.json" -X POST "/v1/reports/campaigns/{cId}/searchterms"

I have included all the headers and credentials. The following is the content of my json data file for the POST body: { "startTime": "2016-11-13", "endTime": "2016-11-13", "timezone": "UTC", "granularity": "DAILY", "selector": { "orderBy":[{"field":"spend","sortOrder":"DESCENDING"}], "fields": ["spend", "taps", "conversions", "avgCPA", "avgCPC", "ttr", "conversionRate"], "pagination": { "offset": 0, "limit": 1000 } }, "groupBy": "countryCode", "returnRowTotals": False, "returnRecordsWithNoMetrics": False }

However, I get the following error message:

{"data":null,"pagination":null,"error":{"errors":[{"messageCode":"INVALID_JSON_REQUEST","message":"This is an invalid json. The request can not be parsed","field":"Line#:1 Column#:3"}]}}

I have tried many times through different ways, but still not working. Is there any smart guys can help me?

Thanks in advance!

Get Campaign Level Reports, URL. POST If unsuccessful, the HTTP status code indicates the error with details in the error message. Content-Type: Payload Example: Get Campaign Level Reports. Request  Get help managing Apple Search Ads with instructions and tips for getting set up, managing your ads, improving results, and troubleshooting issues.

I was able to get it working using the following curl

curl --cert ./<PI2 CERTIFICATE FILE>.p12 --pass <PI2 CERTIFICATE PASSWORD>  -H "Authorization: orgId=xxx"  -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d ' {"startTime": "2017-04-06", "endTime": "2017-04-06", "granularity": 2, "selector": {"orderBy":[{"field":"localSpend","sortOrder":"DESCENDING"}], "fields": ["localSpend"], "pagination": { "offset": 0, "limit": 1000 } }, "groupBy": ["COUNTRY_CODE"], "returnRowTotals": false, "returnRecordsWithNoMetrics": false }' " name/searchterms"

You can obtain the p12 certificate by following the steps mentioned here

If you are using requests in python to make the post call you might have to do some extra work as I did not find any parameters that takes in p12 certificate and password as input. Create a crt file and pem using openssl

openssl pkcs12 -in Apple_Certificate.p12 -out file.crt.pem -clcerts -nokeys
openssl pkcs12 -in Apple_Certificate.p12 -out file.key.pem -nocerts -nodes

and use the following code

headers = {
            'Authorization': 'orgId=<ORG_ID>',
            'Content-Type': 'application/json',
data = ' {"startTime": "%s",
          "endTime": "%s", 
          "granularity": 2, ' \
          '"selector": {"orderBy":[{"field":"localSpend","sortOrder":"DESCENDING"}], ' \
          '"fields": ["localSpend"], "pagination": { "offset": 0, "limit": 1000 } }, ' \
          '"groupBy": ["COUNTRY_CODE"], "returnRowTotals": false, "returnRecordsWithNoMetrics": false }' % (date_report, date_report) 
url = '' % (your_campaign_id)
r =, headers=headers, data=data,
                                      cert=('<path to crt file>',
                                            '<path to key file>'))

Get Search Terms Level Reports, If unsuccessful, the HTTP status code indicates the error with details in the error Payload Example: Get Search Terms Level Reports. Request; Response. POST{campaignId}/  The apns-push-type header field has six valid values. The descriptions below describe when and how to use these values. alert. Use the alert push type for notifications that trigger a user interaction—for example, an alert, badge, or sound.

You can use the postman:

Steps: 1. Import Row text from the Postman -

curl -X GET '' -H 'Authorization: orgId=234234' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'

  1. Set certificate and key in Postman settings (My configuration for macOS 😊) -

    1. Now you can use the request at postman -

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Using Apple Search Ads API Functionality, The following list describes the function of CRUD methods in the Apple Search Ads API. POST. Used to create new resources, find resources, and pull reports. Error Codes. The Core Reporting API returns a 200 HTTP status code if a request is successful. If there an error occurs during processing of a query, the API returns an error code and description.

  • Good and precise answer. pay attention that the certificate_key_path is a pem file