Unable to reliably open subprocesses with Popen() -- OSError [Errno 14] Bad Address

I am attempting to open multiple sub-processes--each running the same pre-compiled binary, but operating on files in unique directories--under Python (2.7) using subprocess32.Popen(). Most of the time things work fine, but all too often I get an OSError [Errno 14] Bad Address. Here is the code:

self.gld_stdout_file = open('stdout', 'w+')
self.gld_stderr_file = open('stderr', 'w+')
subprocess.Popen(string.join(gld_open_str, " "), shell=True, stderr=self.gld_stderr_file,
                 stdout=self.gld_stdout_file, bufsize=-1, close_fds=ON_POSIX,

This error occurs about 5-10% of the attempts to use Popen(), while other Popen() calls in the same loop work just fine. Looking around, it seems this could come from an error in lower-level socket calls, that I am not directly interfacing. (e.g. Here or here)

Any ideas on why am I getting this error?

And more importantly:

How I might fix it?

For reference, we are using subprocess32, which supposedly offers improved stability with multiple subprocess calls. Also, if relevant, the entire scheme is wrapped up into a larger MPI-based HPC parallel call, such that multiple compute nodes are attempting to do the same thing at the same time. Fearing there might be some conflict or filesystem challenge with multiple attempts to execute the same file, we are already copying the binary to each of these nodes before execution.

Also, I see the same problem using shell=False as in:

subprocess.Popen(gld_open_list, shell=False, stderr=self.gld_stderr_file,
                 stdout=self.gld_stdout_file, bufsize=-1, close_fds=ON_POSIX,

That's a bug on python2.6 and fixed on 2.7.

IOError raised due to a read system call returning EINTR from within these methods(read(), readline(), readlines()).

see: https://github.com/python/cpython/commit/736ca00270db72fefa5fb278982c96e5e7139d72



Upgrade your python and then everything is fun.

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It seems to happen with Windows. No problems with MacOS.

I have found a hacky but practical solution:

while True:
        proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd, 
                        stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE, bufsize=1)
        log_msg("Exception in spawning subprocess. Retrying ...") 

OSError: [Errno 14] Bad address on website CI tests · Issue #13831 , OSError: [Errno 14] Bad address on website CI tests #13831. Closed 14, 2019. importing mxnet causing subprocess to crash #13875. Closed. Note. This method is intended to aid in implementing protocols that want to delay choosing which data to send until the last moment. E.g., suppose you’re working on an implemention of a remote display server like VNC, and the network connection is currently backed up so that if you call send_all() now then it will sit for 0.5 seconds before actually sending anything.

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  • My testing was on 2.7 and still experienced the problem.
  • My testing was under Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Server 6.3)