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Is it possible to have a string of numbers, let's say generated by this operation

var s = "1";
onEvent("start", "click", function() {
  for (var i = 2; i < 51; i++){ 
    s = s+", "+i;
        setText("text", s);

Thus making s equal the sting of numbers "1, 2, 3, etc." now lets say there's a different function that tries to check if s ( the string ) has a certain number inside of it,

if(n == "number in s" ){

Now how are we able to find a singular number inside a string and compare it to another variable? "number in s" is the number being compared to the variable, 'n'. Now 'n' can change values but the function would should run if "number in s" contains all options for 'n'

You can use String.prototype.includes(). This would be the simplest way of achieving this.

The includes() method determines whether one string may be found within another string, returning true or false as appropriate.

In your example you can use -

if(s.includes(n)) { ... }

Check if a string contains a number using Java., How do you check if a string contains a number? Perhaps the easiest and the most reliable way to check whether a String is numeric or not is by parsing it using Java's built-in methods: Integer.parseInt(String) Float.parseFloat(String) Double.parseDouble(String) Long.parseLong(String) new BigInteger(String)

This is a more accurate way of doing it.

if(s.split(',').indexOf(n) != -1) {...}

If you have a string like '1,2,13', then str.includes(3) will give true which is wrong.

So instead , first we will split it by ',' to get all the numbers in array and search whether a particular number exists in it or not by using the indexOf method.

Data Types in Programming: Numbers, Strings and Others, each character in the array is a digit using the isDigit() method of the Character class. Re: check letters (or numbers) inside of a string One way would be to step through the string and test each character to see if it is a number or not using (ascii).

You can also use [String.prototype.indexOf()] (

The indexOf() method returns the first index at which a given element can be found in the array, or -1 if it is not present.

  myString.indexOf(number) === -1 ? //number not found : //number found ;  

How to check if a string contains a number in Python, How do you check if a string contains a number python? if (!String.prototype.includes) { Object.defineProperty(String.prototype, 'includes', { value: function(substring, searchposition) { if (typeof searchposition!== 'number') { searchposition= 0 } if (searchposition+ substring.length > this.length) { return false } else { return this.indexOf(substring, searchposition) !== -1 } } }) }

function IsNumberInsideString(s) {
    for (var i=0; i<s.length; i++) {
        if (!isNaN(parseInt(s[i]))) {
            console.log("Number is inside string");
            return ;
    console.log("Number is not present inside the string");

Python program to check whether a string contains a number or not, Use str. isdigit() to check if a string contains a number​​ Check if any character is a digit by calling str. isdigit(char) on each character char . Re: Check if string contains a number Here's where a little bit of Linq can make life easier. This will return a boolean telling if there's at least one numeric character in the string. (from items in inputString.ToCharArray Where Char.IsDigit (items)).Count <> 0

Testing whether a Python string contains an integer, To check that a string contains only digits (or a string has a number) – we can use isdigit() function, it returns true, if all characters of the string  Dim number As String = "077 234 211" If number.Replace(" ", "").All(AddressOf Char.IsDigit) Then Console.WriteLine("The string is all numeric (spaces ignored)!") Else Console.WriteLine("The string contains a char that is not numeric and space!") End If To only check if a string consists of only digits use:

How to check if Python string contains another string, If you want to check whether a Python string is an integer, you can try casting to an int with int() and catching the ValueError if it's not an integer: Here is a way to check for duplicates. If the first occurrence of number has a different index than the last occurrence, then number must occur more than once. public static boolean containsDuplicate(String str, int number) { return str.indexOf(number) != str.lastIndexOf(number); }

Python, The count method returns the number of occurrences of a substring in the string. If the substring is not found in a string, the function returns 0. Syntax. The general​  To check if string contains numbers only, in the try block, we use Double 's parseDouble () method to convert the string to a Double. If it throws an error (i.e. NumberFormatException error), it means string isn't a number and numeric is set to false. Else, it's a number.

  • I think you are looking for String.prototype.includes
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  • This worked for my purpose of making a Recamán Sequence, and I did not know how to use if(s.split(',').indexOf(n) != -1) {...} in my case. If anyone needs my code for a Recamán Sequence here it is var j = 0; var n = 0; var s = "0, "; onEvent("gen", "click", function(){ for (var i=0; i<50; i++){ j++; if((n-j)<0 || s.includes(n-j)){ n = n + j; }else{ n = n - j; } s = s + n + ", "; } setText("numbers", s); hideElement("gen"); });
  • +1 for thinking of cases where include may fail. I may add, that they can get around this is the string is has a deliminator and just do ,3, for their search in includes.
  • This will not work for the first and last number in the string.
  • Yeah, I realize that after I said that and I was thinking of a way without using regex. So I think the split is actually the most reliable.
  • Yes @matthew, as I said it will be a more accurate way of doing it.
  • @SagarChaudhary why it will not work for first and last number ? "3,1,12".split(',').indexOf("3") ---> // 0
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