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Previously in iOS 12 the same code was allowed, but now when i try to run the same code on iOS 13 it crashes giving me the same error:

Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSGenericException', reason: 'Access to UISearchBar's set_cancelButtonText: ivar is prohibited. This is an application bug'

Which is related to this line of code:

searchController.searchBar.setValue("Cancel".localized, forKey:"_cancelButtonText")

Now i know the access of setValue is now prohibited but how is it possible to overcome this crash and change the title of cancel button, since there is no property included in the searchbar.

Instead of messing around with the undocumented view hierarchy, you can use UIAppearance:

UIBarButtonItem.appearance(whenContainedInInstancesOf: [UISearchBar.self]).title = "Whatever"

Swift iOS Tutorial: UISearchBar and UISearchBarDelegate, You can add a UISearchBar as you would with any other control by dragging one to your view controller in interface builder or by programmatically adding it. The  UISearchBar(CGRect) Initializes the UISearchBar with the specified frame. UISearchBar(IntPtr) A constructor used when creating managed representations of unmanaged objects; Called by the runtime. UISearchBar(NSCoder) A constructor that initializes the object from the data stored in the unarchiver object. UISearchBar(NSObjectFlag)

Objective-C version:

[[UIBarButtonItem appearanceWhenContainedInInstancesOfClasses:@[[UISearchBar class]]] setTitle:@"CancelText"];

Search Bar Guide, But while UISearchBar has received periodic changes since its introduction in iOS 2, UISearchController has been pretty static since Apple  Overview A UISearchBar object provides the user interface for a search field on a bar, but it’s the application’s responsibility to implement the actions when buttons are tapped. At a minimum, the delegate needs to perform the actual search when text is entered in the text field.

For Objective-C , You can use this if you have problem with UISearchController or change it however you're using.

[[UINavigationBar appearanceWhenContainedInInstancesOfClasses:@[[UISearchController class]]] prefersLargeTitles];

UISearchController Tutorial: Getting Started, UISearchBar Example. Today, we'll create a sample app to demonstrate how to add search bar in any iOS app by using UITableView. We'll add  Step 7: Implement UISearchBar in ContentView. Inside the contentView, we just have to create@State variables, named searchTerm of type String.. We have to filter the list whenever the searchTerm

UISearchDisplayController is deprecated since iOS 8.0 avoid using it

What's New With UISearchController and UISearchBar , Your question is kind of similar to asking "What is the difference between UIView and UIViewController ?" UISearchBar is a view. It has a text  The UISearchBar class implements a text field control for text-based searches. The control provides a text field for entering text, a search button, a bookmark button, and a cancel button. The UISearchBar object does not actually perform any searches.

How to Use UISearchBar in an iPhone App For Data Searching?, If you have a custom image you could use, you can set the image and change the placeholder text color using something similar to the following: [searchBar  I am trying to add a search bar programmatically to an UIView (not a UITableView). For the moment, I am just trying to set the delegates properly so that when I click the "enter" button, a message is

Difference between UISearchBar and UISearchBarController , Remarks. The Xamarin API supports two styles of event notification: the Objective​-C style that uses a delegate class or the C# style using event notifications. searchResultsUpdater is a property on UISearchController that conforms to the new protocol, UISearchResultsUpdating. With this protocol, UISearchResultsUpdating will inform your class of any text changes within the UISearchBar. By default, UISearchController obscures the view controller containing the information you’re searching.

How to change UISearchBar Placeholder and image tint color , We know that Apple API's are not flexible to customize the UISearchBar like accessing UITextField , It was in iOS 13 Apple has made this  The UISearchController was introduced a couple years ago in iOS 8 to replace the now deprecated UISearchDisplayController. In the new search controller, it is easier to add search to your table views. As of Xcode 8.1, the UISearchController has not been added to Interface Builder, so you have to add it programmatically.