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Trying to get the difference between last date vs today.

In a json file, i have unix date:

      "lastUpdate": 1568937600,

And i've tried this but with no success.

$day = $item['lastUpdate'];;
$datetime1 = date_create('$day');
$datetime2 = date_create('now');
$interval = date_diff($datetime1, $datetime2);
echo $interval->format('%R%a');

Try this:

$datetime1 = new DateTime(date('Y-m-d', $item['lastUpdate'])); //assuming that you have timestamp in the var $item
$datetime2 = new DateTime(date("Y-m-d", strtotime(date("now"))));
$interval = $datetime1->diff($datetime2);
echo $interval->format('%R%a');

Hope it Helps.

Shell script to get difference in two dates, was divided by 31556926 because that's the number of seconds there are in a year. We then subtract the floored quotient from the original quotient to get the decimal value. Afterwards, multiply it back to 31556926 to get the remainder. If you want to know how long something lasted, i.e. the difference of two dates, our calender has these irregularities (the months). So either use your knuckles, know about emperors Julius and Augustus, or use brute force via seconds. From 30.7. to 1.9. is three days longer than 30.1. to 1.3., and it even depends on leap years.

Your date_create call on $day is wrong. You need to use double quote to render the variable inside. Also you need an @ sign prefix to indicate it to be a timestamp:

$day = (int) $item['lastUpdate'];
$datetime1 = date_create("@{$day}");
$datetime2 = date_create('now');
$interval = date_diff($datetime1, $datetime2);
echo $interval->format('%R%a');


How to calculate time elapsed in bash script?, The "n weeks after a date" is easy with GNU date(1): $ date -d 'now + 3 weeks' Tue Dec 6 23:58:04 EST 2011 $ date -d 'Aug 4 + 3 weeks' Thu Aug 25 00:00:00  I have two columns in a hive table loaded with unix epoch times start time, end time 1235000081 1235000501 I need to find the time difference in mins or hours or seconds in hive, tried several functions like converting it to unix_timestamp , to_date, datediff etc. but I am getting nulls.

date_create() receives the date/time string in with one of the specific Date and Time Formats. In your case, you're trying to convert a Unix Timestamp to a DateTime object. You can do that properly by replacing the following line:

$datetime1 = date_create('$day');


$datetime1 = date_create('@'.$day);

Mastering Date and Time Calculation, There's a solution that almost works: use the %s date format of GNU date, which prints the number of seconds since 1970-01-01 00:00. These can be subtracted to find the time difference between two dates. Because of daylight savings time, there are only 23 hours between those times. I have two time strings; eg. "09:11" and "17:22" on the same day (format is hh:mm). How do I calculate the time difference in minutes between these two? Can the standard date library do this? Example: #!/bin/bash MPHR=60 # Minutes per hour.

date command in Linux with examples, Hello, I would like to find out the number of days between two dates of the format of year 1 - 366 $mday = substr("$ARGV[0]", 8, 2); $mon = substr("$ARGV[0]",  Use unix time instead, date +%s, then subtract to get the difference in seconds. – roblogic Apr 21 '17 at 4:07

Quickly calculate date differences, What I want is time difference or time it took to execute a script. Here is small script that does the same thing (please note that script teated on GNU/Linux and with GNU date command only): Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin, Linux/Unix and open source topics via RSS/XML difference between 2 files in seconds: Find number of days between two given dates Given two dates, find total number of days between them. The count of days must be calculated in O(1) time and O(1) auxiliary space.

Days difference between two dates, Hi I need to get the difference in seconds between two events. How do I find the difference between the following two dates? 2 Answers | Add an answer.

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