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I have a large table where I'm trying to select the top 1 row for each FK in a list.

My table is laid out as:

ChangeId | AssetId | Timestamp
1          1         123
2          2         999
3          1         3478
4          3         344
5          2         1092

Where ChangeId is my PK, AssetId is my FK and Timestamp is the value I'm trying to select.

If I try the following:

var results =

from Asset in _context.Asset
join change in _context.Change on Asset.AssetId equals change.AssetId into potentialChange
from actualChange in potentialChange.OrderByDescending(y => y.ChangeId).Take(1)

Where my expected result would be:

    AssetId: 1,
    Timestamp: 3478
    AssetId: 2,
    Timestamp: 1092
    AssetId: 3,
    Timestamp: 344

This query flags up the The LINQ expression could not be translated and will be evaluated locally. which is not suitable for a production rollout.

Running a foreach loop and selecting each item out 1 by 1 works, not it's not a performant solution.

Is there a suitable way to achieve the above?

Try to group it by AssetId and take max from each group

var results =

from Asset in _context.Asset
join change in _context.Change on Asset.AssetId equals change.AssetId into potentialChange
group potentialChange by potentialCharge.AssetId into g

Linq to SQL, Hi! How do i write a SQL query like this in Linq? SELECT TOP 1 * FROM table ORDER BY col DESC. In this solution woulden't you get a large result set back from the DB with all the rows and then perform a .First() on that? I have recently inherited a project that makes use of WCF Data Services with the Entity Framework being used as the ORM to facilitate this with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. I had a requirement to only ever retrieve a maximum of 100 items no matter the query. In SQL this is easy and can be achieved using the SELECT TOP (N).. syntax.

Use Group By as follows:

List<MyTable> data = new List<MyTable>()
     new MyTable(){ChangeId = 1, AssetId = 1, Timestamp = 123},
     new MyTable(){ChangeId = 2, AssetId = 2, Timestamp = 999},
     new MyTable(){ChangeId = 3, AssetId = 1, Timestamp = 123},
     new MyTable(){ChangeId = 5, AssetId = 3, Timestamp = 123},
     new MyTable(){ChangeId = 5, AssetId = 2, Timestamp = 123},

var expectedData = data.OrderByDescending(d => d.Timestamp).GroupBy(d => d.AssetId).Select(g => new
     AssetId = g.Key,
     TimeStamp = g.First().Timestamp


This will give your expected result.

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Try using .First() instead of .Take(1)

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